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Anyone can create a high-quality video ad. Get step-by-step guidance on how to make a great YouTube video ad – or use our video creation tools to create one yourself in minutes.

Create a video ad in minutes

Our free, fast video creation tools make it easy to turn content you have into YouTube video ads that drive results – so you can start connecting with your audiences.

Your centralized video ad creation destination

Accessible directly within the Google Ads Asset Library, our video creation tools enable anyone to make ads optimized for YouTube. Just upload your brand assets, choose from our catalog of proven templates, and start creating – no elaborate tools or experience required.

No experience required

Data-driven performance

Rapid iteration friendly

No experience required

Create high-quality ads in a matter of minutes without investing precious time and resources into planning and shooting. Simply customize one of our YouTube-optimized templates with your brand images, logos, and colors. You also have access to our extensive library of royalty-free music tracks to set the right tone for your video.

Use these resources to make your video ads shine

Producing your own video ad offers the most creative freedom, but it requires a bit of know-how. Learn what’s involved in making an effective YouTube video ad so you can proceed to production with confidence.

The ABCDs of video ads

Attention, Branding, Connection, Direction – these are the four principles of creating effective YouTube video ads. Our ABCDs guide offers recommendations to help you put these data-backed best practices to work.

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YouTube Audio Library

Navigating the complex world of music licensing can be intimidating. That’s why we created the YouTube Audio Library. Choose from thousands of royalty-free songs and sound effects to ensure your ad sounds as good as it looks.

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Story types and techniques

Story types and techniques

Whether you’re just getting started or you’re an experienced video creator, the ad you create will likely fit into an established story mold. Consider using these, along with established production techniques, as a guide when thinking about the kind of video you want to create.

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YouTube creative directory

YouTube creative directory

Whether you’re starting from scratch or repurposing a video you already have, our creative directory makes it easy to find the help you need. Filter by budget and types of services to quickly locate the pro resources you need.

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Launch and measure

With YouTube Ads, you also get access to advanced analytics and performance monitoring tools, powered by Google Ads. Leverage these insights to power even better video creative.

Video experiments

Video experiments

See what resonates most with your audiences. Powerful video experiment tools from Google Ads allow advertisers to optimize the effectiveness of video campaigns by setting up clean head-to-head experiments comparing creatives, audiences, or other variables.

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Video analytics

Video analytics

The video you use is one of the biggest factors in how well a YouTube campaign performs, so make sure yours is getting results. Use the free video analytics tool from Google Ads to see where viewers drop off and what holds their attention – then apply these insights to your next ad.

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