Make the best of YouTube yours.

Viewers say YouTube has the most extensive video library,¹ which attracts billions of people each month. To help you navigate the platform, YouTube Select surfaces a diverse mix of relevant content lineups and programs – each tailored to unique marketing needs.

It’s relevancy at scale, which means greater ROI for your business.

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people globally watch YouTube every month2


YouTube reaches more 18-49 year olds than all linear TV networks combined in the US3


YouTube has the highest reach and viewing hours among ad-supported streaming services in the US4

Tap into the most relevant content for your brand


Access content categories like Entertainment & Pop Culture, Food & Recipes, or Music across devices and apps, including YouTube, YouTube Kids, YouTube Music, YouTube TV, and more.


Amplify your message during key moments with sports and music sponsorships and YouTube Originals.


Looking for a specific mix to support your brand? Your Google Ads specialist can help create a custom plan.

Drive results across the customer journey


YouTube Select lineups drove an average awareness lift of 13% in 20195


YouTube Select lineups drove an average purchase intent lift of 9% in 20196


YouTube Select lineups had greater ROI than TV in 73% of MMMs that measured YouTube Select lineups, Other Digital, and TV in 2016-20187

Choose the right tools to build your campaign

Buy across reservation, Google Ads, and Display & Video 360. Access cord cutters and light TV viewers on smart TVs and YouTube TV. Easily overlay audiences to reach your most valuable customers. YouTube Select makes it easy to build the perfect plan for your unique brand.


success rate on brand safety in third-party beta tests with IAS and DoubleVerify8

Brand suitability controls

With YouTube Select, you can be confident that your ad buys are brand-safe. You’ll have access to advanced brand suitability controls, as well as the option to only serve ads on videos that have been human-verified across all lineups.

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YouTube Select offerings vary by region. Connect with your Google sales team to learn what’s available for your business.
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YouTube TV is currently available to US customers only.

1 Google/Talkshoppe, US, whyVideo study, n=2000 18-64 Genpop video users, Feb 2020.

2 YouTube data, Global, Mar 2019.

3 Custom Nielsen study commissioned by Google. Desktop, mobile and TV fusion. TV measurement of Total TV. Reach among persons 18-49 (Live + 7, one minute qualifier), television only, September 2-29, 2019. Results among US TV Households.

4 ComScore OTT Intelligence, Oct 2019, US.

5,6 YouTube Select Brand Lift (formerly Google Preferred lineups), 2019, Global.

7 Commissioned Nielsen MMM Meta-Analysis, 2016-2018. Base: a list of studies selected and compiled by Nielsen, consisting of all available CPG studies completed in 2016-2018 that contain YouTube Select Lineups (formerly Google Preferred), Other Digital, and TV results. This list includes 45 studies for US Brands across all CPG categories. ROI is “Retail ROI,” defined as total incremental sales divided by total media spend. Incremental offline retail sales measured for TV represents average across all TV broadcasters.

8 DoubleVerify and IAS Testing, Global, Jun 2018.