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Assessing the economic, societal and cultural benefits of YouTube in India

Analysis by Oxford Economics showed that the YouTube creative ecosystem has contributed immensely to the Indian economy as well as to promoting learning and education in the country. However, YouTube’s impact goes beyond just this. The platform also provides Indians with access to a community where they can thrive and help others do the same.

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₹ 16,000+ Crores

was the YouTube creative ecosystem's contribution to the Indian GDP in 2022.


full-time equivalent jobs were supported by the YouTube creative ecosystem in 2022.

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of MSMEs with a YouTube channel agree that YouTube played a role in helping them grow their revenue.

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A platform of opportunity

Indian creators and users look to YouTube as a vehicle for self-improvement, and as a means to find rewarding work to progress their careers. As an open source platform, YouTube is available to anyone who has an idea to share and creates an opportunity for diverse, undiscovered talent to gain recognition around the world.