YouTube in Australia

Every day, YouTube helps Australians learn new skills, follow their passions and develop economic opportunities for themselves and others. Explore the stories behind just a few of YouTube’s creative entrepreneurs here.

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Assessing the economic, societal and cultural impact of YouTube in Australia

Analysis by Oxford Economics showed that the YouTube creative ecosystem contributed A$608 million to the Australian economy in 2020 and supported 15,750 full time equivalent jobs. But YouTube’s impact goes further, bringing a rich array of economic, cultural and societal benefits to Australians.


of creative entrepreneurs said YouTube has had a positive impact on their professional goals.

90% +

of watch time on content produced by Australian channels came from outside Australia in 2020.


of users agreed YouTube has had a positive impact on their mental health or physical wellbeing since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Explore stories across Australia

Meet the creators, music artists and small businesses across the country who call YouTube home. Click to explore the stories of teachers, entertainers, farmers and other creative entrepreneurs using YouTube to empower their communities, and share their culture and passions with the world.

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A platform for lifelong learning

YouTube enables anyone, anywhere, at any time to access information. And with over 500 hours of video uploaded every minute, there are constantly new learning opportunities at people’s fingertips. Here are just some of the many learning stories on YouTube, where we can see the ripple effects as online connections make their way into the real world.