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Progress and impact

Culture and trends

YouTube’s Culture & Trends site is intended as a public repository for useful data, explanations of current trends, and accurate records that help you better understand the next generation of Creators and artists. You’ll find some key examples of our work below. For more, visit the Culture & Trends site.

Culture and trends

Deep dives

Separated by up to thousands of miles but intimately connected by screens that provide windows into each other’s worlds, Creators have invited viewers to take part in their everyday activities through “with me” videos for almost a decade. Despite the uncertainty that came with Covid-19, millions of individuals took to YouTube, reminding us all that we can find our way through, together.

We started the #WithMe campaign, to encourage folks to do things at home, together. From learning new skills, finding new ways of teaching and learning, together we’ve found new ways to share the uniquely creative ways we are getting through this time— not just as consumers of video, but as human beings trying to find a way together. See how we bring the data behind this trend to life through visualizations and context.


Spotlights are an ongoing exploration of the various communities that exist on YouTube. We highlight stories that connect the dots between data points and larger global trends. Creator on the Rise, is a global program that highlights emerging channels and exposes us to communities and content formats before they hit the mainstream.

In 2020, we launched the YouTube Culture & Trends Report: an interactive, video summary of the present moment in digital entertainment, content, and culture. Examining everything from the emergence of creator culture to new forms of audience behavior, the report offers insight into what's behind the most interesting trends in the past year. And in doing so, it aims to provide some perspective on how to think about this space in the future.


Everybody loves the superlative performers in life, and in the Records section we track the ones that emerge on YouTube. Explore official lists of record-holding videos and channels across our most asked about metrics, like YouTube's biggest music video debuts and the most subscribed to artists of all time.