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People all over the world have used YouTube to follow their passions, connect with others, and develop economic opportunities for themselves and their communities. Explore the stories behind just a few of YouTube’s creative entrepreneurs here.

Our impact

Cheong Choon Ng

"A Rubber Band Phenomenon"

Cheong found a way to connect with his daughters over rubber band bracelets, turning his Rainbow Loom ® invention into an international phenomenon thanks to the power of YouTube tutorials.

Vicky Bennison

"The Story of Pasta Grannies"

Five years ago, Vicky started her YouTube channel to catalogue and preserve the traditional handmade pasta skills of Italy’s grandmothers. Today, the Pasta Grannies are inspiring the next generation of home cooks.

Macinley Butson

"Inventing Armor to Battle Radiation"

Australian student, Macinley, was just 16 when she decided to work to protect women from excess radiation received during breast cancer treatment. From leveraging YouTube videos to supplement science journals, she found the information she needed to develop a potentially life-saving invention.

Krystn Keller

"Healing through How-Tos"

Searching for a way to clear her son's eczema, Krystn delved into the world of natural soap making on YouTube. With trial and error, she developed a successful recipe - and now runs her own thriving business.

Chef May

"Rediscovering the Taste of Home"

After learning to cook the flavors of her Thai childhood by watching YouTube, May became a celebrated chef in Manchester, England.

Nate Boyer

"From Green Beret to Starting Lineup"

While on deployment in Iraq, Nate chased his dream of playing professional football by honing his skills with the help of YouTube tutorials - eventually becoming the oldest rookie in NFL history.

Charles Lomu

"Barbering for Change"

Charles learned barbering skills through YouTube, and is now making a difference one fresh cut at a time by blending youth work and barbering to provide a sense of belonging for kids struggling with school.

Meredith Bell

"From City Girl to Farmer"

Meredith left the corporate world behind to follow her dream of becoming a farmer in Kern County, CA. She turned to YouTube to learn how to farm and transformed her dream of becoming a farmer into a reality.

Joshua Carroll

"Reaching for the stars"

Meet Joshua - a veteran who realized his dream of becoming a physicist by teaching himself advanced mathematics on YouTube.

Eddie Woo

"Sharing the Wonder of Mathematics"

Eddie Woo, a teacher in Sydney, shares his passion for math with his community, country, and the world by uploading his classes to YouTube. Now students and teachers tune in to learn the Eddie Woo way.