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Our commitments

How does YouTube protect copyrighted content?

We have invested millions of dollars to develop a Copyright Management Suite designed to balance the needs of the entire ecosystem. We work with rightsholders and Creators of all types to match them to the appropriate features based on their specific needs and resources.

Safeguarding copyright

Our Copyright Management Suite gives rightsholders control of their copyrighted material on YouTube. It is powered by Content ID matching, best-in-class technology used to detect potentially infringing content. It consists of our public DMCA webform, available to the billions of users who come to YouTube; the Copyright Match Tool, our tool designed specifically for Creators and available to over 3 million of them; and Content ID, our enterprise solution for those with scaled rights management needs like music labels, movie studios, or collecting societies.

Content ID and Copyright Match Tool users are automatically notified of user-uploaded videos that may contain their creative work: for Content ID, this is done through reference files provided by the rightsholder; in the case of Copyright Match Tool, users see matches to their own uploads or to videos they've removed through valid copyright takedown notices. Additionally, Content ID users can choose in advance what they want to happen when those videos are detected. Thanks to the different options that Content ID gives copyright owners, it’s not just an anti-piracy solution, but also a revenue-generation tool. YouTube has paid more than $9 billion to rights holders as of December 2022, from ad revenue alone from content they've claimed and monetized through Content ID.