• Zuby - Glory (Official Music Video)

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    Official music video for 'Glory' by Zuby from the EP 'Seven'.

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    Directed and edited by Simon Aukes Stolland (Aukes Media)

    Track produced by Anno Domini Beats

    [Verse 1]
    You can put your hands up like the ceiling gon’ rain
    Got a couple bands up only sealing my pain
    Worry mad cats heated feeling my flame
    Scurry like a lab rat or you’re finna get maimed
    Why you so mad cuz I top that page
    Honeys stalk backstage when I rock that stage?
    Being more glad if they locked that cage
    And I cocked black rage and I popped that gauge?
    Unemotional I never drop that frame
    Locomotion and you can’t stop that train
    Couple females threw a coin to derail
    Won’t go into detail but I’ll drop that flame
    Wait, wait, wait, wait. Let me talk that game
    Big name watch. Drop top frame would I
    Clock more fame if I chopped cocaine
    While I popped champagne on a goddam plane?
    Sipping it sassily, mixing with majesty
    Lipping it lavishly, this is a travesty!
    I think the new epidemic is vanity
    You think your selfies are good for humanity
    I’m getting badder the proof no profanity
    Y’all getting fatter on too many calories
    Still shooting up from the booth to the canopy
    Still moving up but stay grounded like gravity
    Verbal veracity, lyrical mastery
    Artist tenacity, vicious audacity
    I’m not a scrapper who’s charged like a battery
    I’m an attacker who’s calm in calamity
    Rapping so swift it is radio blasphemy
    If they don’t play it I’ll reach for the mantelpiece
    Seize something supple and slap them with savagery
    Get away clean and then plea for insanity

    Chyeeea! Glory
    Chyeeea! Glory
    Chyeeea! Glory
    Glory! Glory!

    [Verse 2]
    Tell you the difference with me and the rest of ‘em
    They’re thinking now and I’m thinking ‘what’s next for him?’
    They see and obstacle and see impossible
    I see a weight that I’ve already benched
    You think I’m lucky I think that I’m blessed
    You think I’m cocky I think that I’m hench
    You cannot copy the flow is too choppy
    You’re borderline sloppy and feeble at best!
    Cold like Sub-Zero no hero can test
    The Legion of Doom with the freedom of press
    Spit till they’ve heard of me all over Germany
    Denmark, France, Sweden and all of the rest
    I went to Serbia and it was bless
    Czech Rep, Estonia love from the press
    Seeking advantages speaking in three languages
    Dreaming in Spanish and scheming French
    Switch automatically, speaking emphatically
    Flipping it casually, syllable flattery
    Grade-A like actors who peak with the salary
    Straight A like slappers who sleep with the faculty
    I don’t mean malice I’m hungry and panicky
    Come to your palace while feeding your family
    Pardon my manners I’m not from this planet
    I come like Galactus to feed on your galaxy!


    [Verse 3]
    I am a dreamer that's seeking reality
    I am a schemer at peace with mortality
    Can’t live forever I’ll speak through the gallery
    Every verse is a seed for humanity
    Very high peak and the journey is hilly
    The higher you reach then the more that it’s chilly
    Give up and quit it seems smarter than silly
    But you never know when you’re shy of a milli!
    More than a story it’s more than it seems
    If you want glory then shoot for your dreams
    Don’t be puppet and hustle for ducats
    Unless you’re the owner or part of the scheme
    This my philosophy rapping I breathe and
    My drive ain't been floppy since Apple IIE
    Spitting the truth ever since I was teen
    And the rhythm is denim it’s all in my genes
    Knowledge is power I seek with voracity
    Quicker the vision the sicker the strategy
    My weakest bar is a gem no opacity
    Start at the end of your mental capacity
    I graduated the sickest academy
    Waited to get forty grips as a salary
    Traded it in for a bid to live happily
    Emancipated my freedom my sanity!

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