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With the YouTube for Creators benefits program we’re there with you every step of the way as your channel grows. Starting with Graphite benefits – which are open to all creators – as your subs number get bigger and bigger you’ll unlock new benefit levels which include all sorts of perks, from workshops and events to production access at the YouTube Spaces, and a whole lot more.

0 - 1K


Learn with the Creator Academy

Manage your channel with Creator Studio

Get support for monetized channels

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1K - 10K


Join a Creator Day to meet and learn alongside other creators

Visit a YouTube Space event or workshop near you

Attend local meetups and get to know creators in your area

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10K - 100K


Join the channel consultation program

Become eligible for the YouTube NextUp contest

Unlock production access at YouTube Spaces

Become a YouTube Ambassador

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Silver & Up

Redeem your Play Button

Claim your spot in the Creator Hall of Fame

Access exclusive events

Get your very own partner manager

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To keep access to all this awesome stuff, creators need to stay active on YouTube. To learn what it means to be an active creator just head over to the Help Center.

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