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    WhoAPI provides several APIs that make it easy for you to get various domain data programmatically, including:

    - Whois API
    - Domain availability API
    - Screenshot API
    - IP GEO location API
    - Blacklist API
    - SSL API
    - Ping API
    - Ranks API
    - Social API
    - DNS Zone API
    - Host name API
    - Meta API

    Our APIs deliver parsed data in an JSON output. The requests are made via HTTP protocol, so you can use them regardless the programming language you are best at, including but not limited to: PHP, Ruby, Python, Javascript, Objective C, NET and any other.

    Responses depend on the API you are using. It could be parsed whois, result regarding a domain name being registered or not, website screenshot or website thumbnail, Geolocation of an IP address, list of blacklists for a certain IP address or a domain name, and so much more.

    Certain APIs, like our Whois API, allow you to utilize the data in many different ways. For example, inside our Whois API you can get domain registration date. With this, you can get domain age which can help SEO experts.

    Our documentation is very simple, and hasn't changed much during the 5 years since we first launched our APIs.

    Your API key allows you to make requests, and you shouldn't share it with anyone. Furthermore, you can whitelist one or several IP addresses from where you are sending requests. Requests can be sent via a secure HTTPS protocol.

    Our clients are developer freelancers and large corporations such as Adobe, King and many other.

    Sign up is free (no credit card or PayPal required), and you can make up to 500 free requests in order to test all our APIs.

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