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Published on Oct 24, 2010


Moving on down the marathon line, we have Monica! She's the first gal of mine to appear on YouTube, but her team has changed DRASTICALLY (as well as her fashion sense) since you saw her first. Her team is no longer Trick Room oriented. Instead, it's all about the bulk. This is one of my favorites.

Dustox - Dusty - Iron Defense, Roost, Swagger, Toxic

So this Dustox doesn't have the best defenses in the world, but that's usually helped by Iron Defense plus the fact that he can survive a lot of hits regardless. Like any staller, once he's on a roll, it's hard to stop him. Basically I feel that if the opponent had a means to stop him, they would've done it already. I really using Dustox to his fullest potential. Sure there's luck involved, but it's not like there's no skill involved too. He has to survive that initial hit after all.

Skarmory - Tarna - Drill Peck, Rock Slide, Agility, Roost

This shiny bird sets up in a different way than many think. She's still susceptible to being Taunted, and that sucks. So many Skarmory have Stealth Rock and Spikes. Skamory has a pretty nice attack stat even without Swords Dance, and that's the route I went. I hardly ever see Skarmory online. It may be OU on Smogon, but it's NU here. I guess because Stealth Rock just isn't as useful in 3v3 battles. Ah well. Skarmory has other uses, people!!

Mantine - Ocean - Surf, Ice Beam, Confuse Ray, Mirror Coat

So generic, but that's what you get a lot of times with Water-types. The good ol' Surf/Ice Beam set. Confuse Ray is just to further annoy the opponent, although that isn't Mantine's primary job. He's used the most out of anyone on this team because it has such a huge Fire weakness. Mantine douses those flames in no time. Lanturn shouldn't feel so comfortable aiming its attacks at Mantine either.

Miltank - Millescent - Return, Focus Punch, Milk Drink, Substitute

This was really just an experimental moveset. Miltank used to be on a doubles team (Seth's), but she was since moved away to a singles environment where she continues to shine. She isn't as annoying as Dustox, but I doubt many people expect this set from her. Once a Substitute is up, it's all fair game. Interestingly, she's taken a lot of Focus Punches herself.

Lunatone - Moonshine - Hypnosis, AncientPower, Psychic, Ice Beam

The only one of Monica's Pokemon that stayed on the team. I've had some people ask if this was a Trick Room team, and it isn't. Lunatone does not have the move. I thought about it since these guys are generally pretty slow, but I felt they were bulky enough to not have to move first. Lunatone here does best against special attackers. Its moveset covers a good bit of potential foes as well.

Registeel - No Nickname - Earthquake, Iron Head, Curse, Rest

Registeel is confusing. I never know how many times it should Curse. I still haven't been able to calculate the amount of damage it should take per Curse, so for whatever reason...it always ends up being sacrificed due to overconfidence. Still, a very cool Pokemon. Its role is more of a physically defensive version of Dustox...although I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Dustox does a better job specially. To Registeel's credit, it takes Fire-type moves way better though.

This battle basically showed what this team normally causes. Mounds and mounds of frustration. Boo to the fact that my opponent here had to resort to OHKO moves. I personally hate them, and I would never use them myself. They're super inaccurate, but still. On the other hand, this was a little flattering though. It showed that there was no other way they could take down Dustox or Miltank. That means I did my job. ^.^

I chose - Miltank, Dustox, and Mantine

Kotetsu chose - Lapras, Rotom, and Garchomp

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