In bed with Lucy and Dolly, Act One 1998, D.Fried (satire on supremacy and genetic engineering)




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Published on May 26, 2013

( see transcript below )

Cast of characters: Lucy (the early hominid "Mother"), to Us ( Eve the "Myth" ), and to Dolly-the-Sheep (what Fried ironically refers to as the "Missing Link") in a dialogue that seeks orientation in a world in which man has moved from adapting to and controlling their environment, to designing life itself to fit it's environment. Fried involves our sense of orientation in a world that has taken a biomorphic journey from the Cambrian Sea to the Sea of Science and it's playpens of genetic engineering.
This play was written shortly after Dolly the sheep was created and inspired the creation of Fried's large format color photogram artworks entitled "In bed with Lucy and Dolly".
See http://www.davidfried.com for more.

Screenplay Text:

Dolly: But I owe my life to science -- to the tube!
Eve: With a little help from me now mind you.
Lucy: Da both of youz makes me sick!
Eve: But Granny, please don't be that way.. it's shameful.
Lucy: Shameful? Why, I ain't never committed a sin in my life -- no never! Can't shit where you eat now can yuh? Globalization ain't nothin' more than Colonization if ya don't know dat.
Dolly: What's a Sin?
Lucy, Us: Never mind Dolly...
Lucy: Now, where was I...
Eve: You were lecturing us about the rites of passage, but we've heard it all before.
Dolly: Is that the one about writing your own ticket?
Lucy: Missed again, miss missing link! Ain't y'all learned nothin'?
Eve: Look, it's getting late... you know I'm really busy with this deep-ecology research, and with Dolly on my hands and all, I haven't got much more time.. I'll...
Lucy: I'll call -- I know. At least nature organizes itself better than you do!
Eve: Yeah sure, but then why can't you see that that is exactly what Dolly is a product of -- a new branch for the evolutionary tree of mankind.
Lucy: A motherless mankind ain't no kind at all! No motherfuckin' diversity neither. What you think your family tree is gonna look like? Evolutionary flat-liner baby!
Dolly: (proudly) But the doctors told me that I could bear thousands of generations -- with no appearent loss of q-u-a-l-i-ty!
Eve: Well, we're working on it.
Cell Phone Rings
Eve: Excuse me.. hello? Yeah, OK. It's for you Dolly.
Dolly: Uhuh? Um, yeah...mmm, ok, bye. (troubled)
Eve: What's wrong Dolly?
Dolly: It's about my sister-what's her name... She's jealous that I get all the attention, and she's been on a terrible drinking binge.
Lucy: Let her drink her dumb ass to death, she's got two lives. Heehee!
Dolly: But that's just it- if she keeps on drinking like this, I'll be forced to give her my liver!
Eve: Hmm, maybe you'd better go then my dear. Survival of the fittest and allthat y'know?
Dolly: Bahhh, um, (lipsmack) Then again, if she wants to ruin herself, so can I! Is there any Scotch in the house?
Lucy: I think you both been hittin' on that there designer food too long.
Eve: But we are health conscious. And besides, because of the population explosion you started, we need to design better and resistant strains to grow more in less time.. in the fight against starvation!
Lucy: Mammothshit! I done heard your problem's a cultural one! I may have got the race going, but I didn't come up wth the politics and greed bit. So why not change that, instead of fuckin' with them soybean genes?!
Eve: Profit, what else?
Dolly: Mmmmm, soybeans!
Eve: You are what you eat.
Lucy: And you ain't if you can't!
Eve: We are into beating death.
Lucy: Yeah, and done forgot how to live.
Dolly: I could just die for some soybeans! (sigh)

EPILOGUE: to the tune of Nat King Cole's "Unforgettable" (removed on youtube)

Lucy (the Mother) lived in Afar and was probably smart enough to have matedbefore her death 3.2 million years ago. She is now an object of scrutiny for Anthropologists and Homocentrists world wide.

Eve (the Myth) needs no introduction as the human need for mythological origin. She continues to pursue the bastard myth of progress with schizophrenic devotion. Her future lays in our hands.

Dolly (the Missing Link) was the first successfully cloned sheep, who since her creation has succumbed to the pressures of being the first copy of a species, and has become a polytoxicomaniac, degenerating somewhere in Scotland.

David Fried, 1998


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