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Uploaded on Nov 23, 2010

This continues the list of sources for my last video, at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pa8du...

17) Discovery channel report on rising sea levels "Global warming -- what you need to know" found at:
"Kiribati - Global warming" on YouTube.

18) BBC report on Tuvalu found at "Tuvalu Island in the South Pacific" on YouTube.

19) Studies on accretion of coral atolls:
"Tropical cyclone creates a new land
formation on Funafuti atoll" -- J.E. Maragos et al, Science 1973.

"The nature and origin of coral reef
islands." -- Stoddart and Steers, Biology and Geology of
Coral Reefs 1977.

"Reef-island accretion and soil
development on Makin, Kiribati...."
-- Woodroffe and Morrison, CATENA, 2001

"The morphological response of atoll
islands to sea-level rise" -- Cowell and Kench. Journal of Coastal
Research 2001
Below are the rest of my sources for the last video (they wouldn't all fit on the original video description)

"New model of reef-island evolution...."
-- Kench et al, Geology 2005

20) Study showing 23 of 27 Pacific atolls stable or increasing in size:
"The dynamic response of reef islands to sea-level rise: Evidence from multi-decadal
analysis of island change in the Central Pacific"
-- Webb and Kench, Global and Planetary Change 2010-11-23

21) "Coral Reefs - Feeling the Heat with Jeff Corwin" on YouTube, produced by Defenders of Wildlife.

22) Explanation of bleaching:

"Bleaching Patterns of Four Species of Carribean Reef Corals" -- Fitt and Warner, Biology Bulletin 1995

"Coral bleaching: causes and consequences"
-- B. E. Brown, Coral Reefs, 1997

23) Most coral unable to change algae:
"Most corals may not change their symbionts."
-- TL Goulet, Marine Ecology Progress 2006

24) Refutation of Goulet:
"Multiple symbiotic partnerships are common in scleractinian corals, but not in octocorals:
Comment on Goulet"
-- Baker and Romanski, Marine Ecology Progress 2007

25) Coral thrived in northern latitudes during warm past:
"Correlations between sea surface temperature, circulation patterns and the distribution of hermatypic
corals of Japan"
-- Jen Veron, Continental Shelf Research, 1992

26) Coral may have difficulty migrating due to human activity:
"Coral reefs and Global Climate Change"
-- The Pew Center 2004

27) Potential acidification of oceans:
"Anthropogenic Decline in High-Latitude Ocean Carbonate by 2100"
-- JC Orr et al, nature 2005

If I've missed any sources or any of the sources I've listed are unclear, please contact me.


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