Strange sounds coming from the sky





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Published on Jun 23, 2015

Bucharest, Romania, 2:43 AM GMT+3.

In the seeries of many uploads i've seen on YT. This is the second time in a month i've heared these noises. The first time, my phone's battery was dead and I was way too dazzled by whatever this was (at least twice as loud last time) to figure out another way to get it recorded. Sufficed to say, neither of times did any dogs start barking, and they usually do at the slightest honk of a car blocks away. Towards the end, you will notice how the sound starts fading and it abrupty comes to a full stop, as if someone were to hit pause, rather than the sound naturally fading away as the source distances itsself.
At least this proves I'm not insane, as I thought the first time it happened.
All opinions are welcomed, be them related to god's wrath or whatever to russian planes in the sky with weather altering devices. This is just insane.

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