Love is Not Perfect ep 13.





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Published on May 4, 2010

Jasons POV
I smiled and kept kissing Joe. He continued to whimper and struggle. He tried to push me off but he failed. He was starting to piss me off. I slapped him across the face hard. He cried out in pain. I didnt care. He was mine now. I slammed myself into him. He screamed and cried. I didnt care. Finally, when I got tired I pulled out of him. He cried and cried. I was so wrong I didnt like him. Well he was good in bed, but is such a cry baby. I quickly got up and I got dressed. Joe was still crying. I had to get rid of him. I grabbed him and pulled him out of the bed. I pulled him to my car. I didnt care that he was still naked. Actually it was kind of nice. Even though he was annoying he was so sexy.

After a while of driving I stopped the car. We were on road that rarely any traveled. I forced Joe out of the car. He started crying more. That is when I just lost it. I hit him hard and knocked him down. I kicked him hard. He cried and screamed. I kept kicking him harder. Finally, he stopped moving. I heard slight whimpering. Shit. I need to leave now! I got in my car and drove away just leaving him on the side of the road.

(2 hours later)

Kats POV (random person)
I sat in the passenger seat my husband drove. We were going home. We had been out all day. My husband, Tom, decided to treat me special today because hes always working. You see hes a doctor and he is always busy. I looked out the window and gasped at what I saw. "OH MY GOSH! TOM STOP THE CAR!" I said. Tom stopped the car. I quickly got out and Tom was right behind me. There laid a boy naked and bruised. There was blood around him. His eyes were closed. Tom checked his pulse and breathing. "Hes barely alive. Call 911." He said. I did what he told me. They were on their way. I quickly got a blanket from the trunk of the car. I put it over the man to cover the boy. "Hey. Isnt this Joe Jonas?" Tom asked. "Yea it is! He disappeared like two days ago." I said. Joe had a tearstained face. Tom was trying to help him the best he could. Joe eyes opened a little. He looked scared. "I want daddy." He muttered. "I know. We will get you to your family soon. I promise." I said. "Dont let him hurt me again. Please." Joe pleaded. "Who hurt you?" I asked. Joe eyes closed once again. I heard the sirens in the distance. I stroked Joes hair. His family has been pleading for his return for the past two days. I hope he will be ok for their sake.


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