Dry Fasting: Burn Fat 3x Faster (Use Extreme Caution)





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Published on Jan 24, 2018

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Dry Fasting: Burn Fat 3x Faster (Use Extreme Caution) - Thomas DeLauer

Dry fasting forces the body to obtain water from the cells, whereas with water fasting you are providing the body with water from an exogenous source

This is why damaged tissues (fat deposits, edemas, tumors) are eliminated faster with dry fasting

The body starts by burning everything that is non-essential and harmful to the body; fat, tumors, ganglions and inflamed tissues

It also eliminates parasites and promotes regeneration of healthy tissues - it creates a hostile environment where every cell of the body can clean house

Irregularities like cysts and benign tumors dissolve as a result of autolysis - the process by which the body sacrifices its sickest cells for its own survival

Body’s Own Water

During a dry fast, the body survives on what is called endogenous or metabolic water
As your body enters into ketosis, free hydrogen molecules are released - these molecules then bond with the oxygen molecules in the blood, and water is formed internally

When we fast our body creates water primarily as a byproduct of the fat we are burning. Hydrogen released from the metabolized fat combines with oxygen from air and creates h2o
Estimated that every day the body is able to produce a liter of metabolized water in this way, and freshly synthesized water is believed to be much more pure than water consumed from the outside because it is free of toxins found in water we drink

Through this internal water, toxins are continued to be removed from the body - so urination does continue, but less frequently than with water fasting; the old, dead water in the body is replaced by water that the body itself has synthesized

Dehydration still occurs in the body, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing - when we decrease water content in the body, the pressure within our cells becomes greater than the pressure outside of the cells

As a result, this pressure causes the cells to leak their internal fluids into the external space between cells, which carries the toxins with them that would normally remain trapped inside the cells


Inflammation cannot survive without water as a wet environment is ideal for the proliferation of pathological bacteria, viruses, worms - dead and dying tissues will be expelled by the body

Analogy: Dry fasting eliminates inflammation “the same way a swamp gets rid of mosquitos and other insects when it dries up” - so microbes are destroyed and the shortage of water is disastrous to body stuff in the body


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