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Published on Jul 17, 2012

The Epic conclusion of Christopher Nolans Dark Knight Trilogy is among us. Jeremy reviews "The Dark Knight Rises".

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Comments • 10,581

Batman begins: 8.8/10 The dark Knight: 11.5/10 The dark knight rises: 10/10
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Gingamin Productions
CanaryRob I'd say: Batman Begins - 9.5/10 The Dark Knight - 10/10 The Dark Knight Rises - 6.5/10 Sorry guys
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James Henry
Ra'as Al Ghul - tested batman's morals Scarecrow - tested batman's fear Joker - tested batman's mind Bane - tested batman's strength Talia - tested batman's dick
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Joey Sgro
Actually Randy they both used the same swear words it was not just one person being stupid. Also were allowed to respect each others opinions.
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Evan Acree
Batman Begins - 10/10 The Dark Knight - 10/10 The Dark Knight Rises - 10/10 Christopher Nolan I fucking love you
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Darin Michael
+JOHN BOKO SHOW You never said I was a Nolan "fanboy", you said the guy who made the original comment was and I was simply trying to let you know that just because he (or I) loved The Dark Knight trilogy doesn't mean were "fanboys". You're the one calling people names and get angry, dude, so don't you dare call me a "dick". You sound like a 12 year old.
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Ben McLendon
My rankings of the trilogy: 1. Fuck 2. The 3. Ratings I don't care which movie's better than which, they're all masterpieces.
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Zach Soroka
Ben McLendon
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Batman Begins 9/10 Dark Knight 10/10 Dark Knight Rises 10/10
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The Joker
Sam Ogden yeah you made a mistake many people do... after batman's last shot in the plane there are 2 more shots before the shot of 5,4,3,2,1... one of the shot shows the plane or Bat whatever you call it disappearing over the horizon and a shot of robins face so time in real life is irrelevant as the time in movie matches because assuming batman escaped after his last shot in the bat it is still shown that the bat goes so far ahead that it actually disappears and then the final countdown is shown so don't nitpick without rewatching the scene
WOW, great move, keep it up , proud of you
Batman begins is 9.5/10
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Diego Vallejo
Batman Begins- 8/10 The Dark Knight- 10/10 The Dark Knight Rises- 9/10 The Dark Knight is definitely the best, but The Dark Knight Rises is my favorite
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Forza Juventus HD
Diego Vallejo Same
+Guga He's the Batman, he found a way
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This film gets hated on by a generation of morons who can't appreciate real pacing or great cinematography. Seriously . . . I feel like if you showed the same people who hate on this movie, The Godfather, they'd probably dislike that movie too. TDKR has a more traditional style, and a less conventional story (in that the bad guys win two thirds into the picture) - it feels like a proper dramatic opera. And I just know there are tons of idiots out there who can't appreciate nuance because their reference levels begin and end with Michael Bay films & dumb action films. 
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Trevor Thornley
darth vader was a stooge for grand moff tarkin and the emporer.....
+CrazyClint Gaming "and I personally think you are lying to yourself about it"-Wow, because that's SO much better.
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Eddie Rattlehead
Batman - Awesometacular Batman Returns - Worth buying on Blu Ray Batman Forever - Good time if you're drunk Batman & Robin - Dogshit Batman Begins - Awesometacular The Dark Knight - Super Awesometacular The Dark Knight Rises - Awesometacular
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Þórður Björnsson
Batman - Worth buying on Blu Ray Batman Returns - Good time no alcohol required Batman Forever - Good time no alcohol required Batman & Robin - Dogshit Batman Begins - Worth Buying on Blu Ray The Dark Knight - Awesometacular The Dark Knight Rises - Worth buying on Blu Ray Batman Vs Superman: DOJ - Good time no alcohol required
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Dark Knight>Dark Knight Rises>Batman Begins
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Lucy Finch
The Omnipotent NO HE IS NOT
The Omnipotent
+ruben G Nicholson is better than Ledger.
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Bane Knightfall
I seriously don't get why some people have a lot hate for this movie. A lot of people have complained about some of the plot holes, and such, but come on a film is bound to have plot holes and such, a film is not going to be 100% perfect. And some people complained about Bane, again why? What, because he's not like Bane in the comics? It's a different interpretation of the character and might I add one is much better then the Batman and Robin one, and was more closer to his comic counterpart. 
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Adrian Mason
My only problem with this franchise is some of the fight scenes everything else is great. Some of it are soft and some of it are great.
YT Channel
Bane Knightfall How did Bruce get back to gotham after Bane broke his back? Why would someone send every cop in the city in one area? Why was it so lame that Blake's middle name is Robin? Why couldn't his last name just be Grayson or some shit? How did Batman survive an explosion in 5 seconds?
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