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Published on Sep 11, 2011

This is footage was recorded live as it happened, allot of it is from the local news channels around The Tri-State area. The switching between channels was me trying to find the best coverage from the channels at the time. None of this has been altered at all. It was recorded with a VCR and years later I transferred it to DVD and then to the internet.

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The thing with conspiracy theories is, for many people, they provide a kind of logic and order out of all the chaos. People need order and can't accept the face value of the world we live in. It's why we have a God, Jesus, Devil, Bigfoot, UFO's and a million other things like that. If more than one person says it's so... then other people eventually follow because they desperately need to make sense of the chaos around them. I don't know who did this. And honestly I don't really care. It happened. And it will likely happen again and all the conspiracy theories in the world won't stop it.
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why are we still investigating this case, it's obvious that Zayn Hussein did it.
This archive is priceless. 
Wally Norlander
Wow! As if this terrorist attack was not horrific enough, the tinfoil hat conspiracy nuts had to try to make it even worse. Shame on you weirdos.
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Andrea Lee
I would like to know how in the world this could be fake? This was live and it actually did happen. Lives were lost for no reason because of terrorists, so before you say it's fake, you need to do research and realize that this happened.
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This long video shows that it really happened , thanks to media reporting, no conspiracies, no lies.  Imagine if WW2 could have been documented the same way , there would be no speculations and lies .  
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Christopher Adams
As far as you all are concerned, Harry Potter did it.
Bryan Allen
The day I believe our government, will be the day they stop lying.Sadly that day will never come.
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0:04 ???
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Connie Watson
I  am trying to continually teach students about what we know happened on Sept. 11th.  I realize there are numerous theories, etc., about who was involved, how it could have been prevented, etc.  My job as a teacher is to present the facts and teach the basic lessons of loving our country, our world, and creating an atmosphere where students do not judge groups of people based on the actions of others.  I can teach bias, opinion, fact, etc.  Above all, I want to teach that our world could be a community of people who care about each other.  Peace begins with me.  Love and acceptance begins with me.  My prayer is that my students will not see people as "groups" or "Races" but as individuals who make choices.  I want the students and my own children to always choose love first, and not judge anyone.  Patriotism and Loyalty are at the heart of being an American.  If we can teach ourselves and our children to love and defend in love, and make good moral choices, the students could change the world.  It begins with me.
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