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Published on May 20, 2013

You may have seen this article about how sports scientists have devised a 7 (actually more like 8 if you include the short breaks) minute workout that is supposed to be as effective as a much longer cardio workout. Here's the article:

You're supposed to do each of the 12 exercises for 30 seconds each, with 10 seconds in between. The other main thing is that you're supposed to keep your energy level at a 8-9 the whole time; in other words - PUSH IT.
I tried it a few times and found that it was difficult to get the timing right. I was using my phone and it was seriously interrupting my flow to keep checking how much time had elapsed while doing each exercise. So I decided to make this video. It sings to you, tries to inspire you with funny metaphors for each exercise, and most importantly, it gives you audio cues with regards to timing.


16 exercises
30 seconds each
10 seconds in between
the first is jumping jacks
5 4 3 2

Flap your wings
Flap flap flap your wings, oh

You're a little bird
Just learning to fly
Your mama is pushing you out of the tree
Out of the nest
And into the sky
It's time to be what you were born to be

You are holding up this wall
If you didn't hold it
It would fall
Hold it up
Hold up the wall with your super strength
The people in the building
That you're holding up
Depend on you
And they admire and love
You so hold this wa

You are a bridge
Sturdy and strong
A troll lives beneath you
And he sings this song
Tra la la
Tra la la
I'm the troll that takes care of this bridge
He likes to futz with
Your girders and struts
He improves on their design
Tra la la
Then he takes a rest
And you do
2 3 4 rest

push so hard
on that door that's been closed
for so long you don't know
what's behind that door
what's behind that door, better push it

there's lava
beneath your head
better sit up
so you don't burn your head
you're in mordor

going to see the guru
Climbing up the stairs
her legendary temple is at the top
just a few more just a few more
she's gonna tell me the meaning of life
she's gonna teach me all the secrets
now we're at the top
time to rest

Squat like you're taking a poo

You're sexy
Getting out of the pool
Backwards really sexy

You're a plank on a pirate ship gonna walk you
Craken actin like like he's gonna talk to
the captain but the captain sick
says walk that plank it's 3 feet thick

your the plank on a pirate ship over water
the first mate slept with the captains daughter
now he's gonna sleep with the fishes
I'm sure that he is quite delicious

Watch that pirate sink down into the sea
there he goes

violence is bad
but sometimes you get really really mad
and you just want to punch somebody
just really want to punch somebody
punch somebody
There they are
they're right in front of you
attack them
because what they did was so so wrong
what they did was very wrong

You're a giraffe
With a long long neck
And you reaching up high
For the juiciest leaf
On the tastiest tree
In all of the territory
That you roam

Reaching up higher
Higher and higher
You can smell that juicy leaf
And you're filled with desire
Stretch it on out
Stretch it on out

Do the burt reynolds pose
if you want to take off your clothes
nobody would blame you
In fact everybody would join you
Just let it all hang out


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