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Published on Apr 19, 2016

Transcript provided by a very kind Redditor: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1l...

To learn more about the story go to http://cesletter.org/resign

[DISCLAIMER: I am NOT Jeremy Runnells and I don't think he'll release this video himself. I am leaking it because it belongs in the public domain and the Mormon church needs to have a light pointed at them so people who question or doubt the church's truth claims aren't private ridiculed like this. This video is posted for educational purposes. If you don't like it, don't watch it. Any complaints, comments or questions can be submitted in the comments section.]

Jeremy Runnells, author of the Letter to a CES Director (also known as CES Letter) was summoned to a church court in his home stake in American Fork, Utah by his Stake President (President Mark Ivins).

After not being able to get the Stake President to answer simple questions or even give a full definition of 'apostasy' as defined in the church handbook of instructions when directly asked several times,

Jeremy realized the result of what he deemed a "kangaroo court" was not out to give him answers but rather appease higher ups, so Jeremy 'excommunicated' the LDS church by preemptively resigning.

To learn more about what the questions Jeremy asked, read his letter at www.cesletter.com and do yourself a favor and see the anti-Mormon material directly at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints own website, https://www.lds.org/topics/essays.


+The70sDiscoKing made the following helpful guide:

Notes to follow along:

@0:00 - 1:37 Jeremy's welcoming outside the building

@1:37 - 3:30 static noise while entering building (Please feel free to skip)

@3:31 - 8:44 Rejecting Jeremy's interpreter/Introductions/Set-Up

@8:45 - Commencing of meeting

During the Meeting notes (Part 1 - Prosecution): -- video appears at 12:29 --

@10:11 - Jeremy asks about the full definition of apostasy (http://downloads.wikileaks-press.org/... Church Handbook Page 110):

Apostasy refers to members who:

1. repeatedly act in clear, open, and deliberate public opposition to the Church or its leaders.

2. persist in teaching as Church doctrine information that is not church doctrine after they have been corrected by their bishop or a higher authority.

@10:40 - @16:40 Short statement on LDS theology following by quoting Jeremy's CES letter as evidence against him

@16:40 - @17:52 Quoting Jeremy's previous church interviews as an argument against him

@17:53 - @19:02 Speaker's personal remarks in regards to Jeremy's disclosure of private information followed by his personal testimony

During the Meeting notes (Part 2 - The Defense):

@19:02 - Jeremy presents his defense and conflicts including his three unanswered questions:

1. What errors or mistakes in the CES letter or in the website is incorrect so i can publicly correct it?
2. If there are no errors or mistakes why am I being punished for seeking and sharing the truth?
3. What questions am I being punished for?

@21:09 - Jeremy asks how many people in the room have read the church essays or CES letters? (spoiler: none)

@21:58 - Jeremy refuses he is in opposition to the church and explains his pursuit of official answers from the church

@24:30 - @31:42 Jeremy completes the apostasy definition and expresses his disgust of the church's disciplinary procedures

@31:43 Jeremy concludes, "this a kangaroo court"

@32:38 Jeremy states "I don't know how to repent of the truth" and references quotes on religion

@34:54 Jeremy states the church discredits itself and quotes the LDS essays "Race and the Priesthood" and "The Book of Abraham"

@42:00 Jeremy recaps that his entire intentions were to seek answers and declares himself clean with a clean conscious

@42:47 Jeremy concludes and excommunicates the church from his life


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