Impulse-Part Nine-Jemi





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Published on Apr 3, 2011

Impulse part nine

I'm glad im an only child, Ma didnt deserve kids. I mean, if it had been up to her--impossible, all things considered--I'd be back on the streets right now. Or maybe I'd have already finished myself off. No, it wasnt dear old Ma who paid my way to Aspen Springs. According to Dr.B, it was, in fact, dear old dad. Dad, who dumped Ma and me when i was still shittin green. 'Course, looking back, I guess he had every reason to leave Ma in his dust. But did he ever once think about me? Jenson Ackle, Meduim height. Medium build. Medium hair. A medium chip off the ol' block. Where was Dad all that time? Dr.B says he lives at Tahoe, has his own insurance office, makes decent dough. Ma never left Reno, except when she was working out at "the ranch" near Daytona. Ranching hookers. They do that in parts of Nevada. Funny, If it wasn't so sick. Did Dad know? abd what made him decide he gives a damn about me now?

The clock reminds me it'ts time for group. I open my door, nudge my hand into th ehall. A faceless voice shouts,

"Whats up, Jonas?"

"May i got to group, sit?" Stay police, Earn ten points.

"You may. Don't get lost along the way, though."

Old joke, not funny. Still, I chortle and say,

" I'll do my best, sir. You know how confusing thses halls can be , though."

Yeah. Follow the yellow line to the classrooms, white to the dining hall. The blue oone leads to the conference rooms. Mommy Long Legs waits, black widow--style,in room C-3. Most guys would call her a Fox, I guess. But to me she's all spider, poisen stashed in hidden fangs. Yes, Dr. Bush's questions sink clear through flesh, into bone. SHe's after marrow, but she hasn't managed to get much of mine yet. Funny think. No one but me seems to recongnieze how her Barbie--Doll act covers up a real lack of charm. She's a User. Same as everyone here.

We gather in room C (for conference)-3, six crazies, looking to unload. Or thinking of ways to avoid it. There's Schizo Rob, three hundred pounds of loaded gun, who tried to off his little brother. Yeah, he denies it, but hmm... wonder how Daddy's Xanax got mixed into Junior's milk. On the far side of the table sits Selena Gomez, Princess of Depression. I bet at home she wore nothing but black--clothes, make-up,mood. Next to her is Slutley as i call it her names Miley Cryus, who uses sex like most people use money. I heard she tried to put the moves on Dr.Simpson. Dr. Ashlee Simpson..Hot but not my style and talk about YECH! What a gross picture! Jesus-save-me Justin lurks in one corner, greasy hair hainging in his eyes, while Loony-Bin Cody rocks back and forth, as if his past pursuits haven't quite deserted his system. Just as Dr.Bush says it's time to start, the door opens. Someone new steps inside. Shes pretty ( did i just think that?), with dark straight curly hair, and startling eyes, and her name's



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