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Published on May 16, 2008

this is a video i made about three different mixed couples. I have paired the heros/herorines with the villains. This video was very exciting to make and I hope you like it. Thank you to UrukhaiLover who gave me the idea to do a villains couples vid!


Jasmine and Jafar
Jasmine can't stop thinking about Jafar, she sees his reflection in a pool of water and splashes it to try and get him out of her head. She starts thinking about him and their old relationship. She remembers watching Jafar and falling in love with him and then flirting with him while she is still going out with Aladdin. Aladdin sees her and is very angry and has a fight with Jafar. Jasmine runs out of the room. Jafar is taken away by the guards. Jasmine remembers all the tears she cried and is feeling depressed when she hears something on her balcony. It is Jafar! She is very happy and the couple is reuntied!

Eric and Ursula
(this is a very odd couple but is quite amusing)
Eric crawls onto the beach after a ship wreck an is all most unconcious when he sees Ursula. It is love at first sight and he wants to find her again. He thinks about how hot she is, lol! Because he loves Ursula he rejects Ariel. Ursula sees Ariel and Eric in her crystal ball and gets worried ariel will steal her man. She trys to make herself prettier by transforming herself into a woman.Eric is on his balcony when he heres a noise, he thinks it is Ursula so he runs to look. He sees just a random woman (Ursula in disguise) he is sad and looks away. He throws his flute into the sea and tries to forget Ursula. He sees that the random woman is actually Ursula in the mirror so he marries her.

Pocahontas and Radcliffe
Pocahontas sees Radcliffes ship come in. She sess Radcliffe and is scared at first, but soon discovers his charms. She goes to the river and thinks about how shs doesn't love Kocuum or John Smith and only wants Radcliffe. Pocahontas' dad tells her she must marry Kocuum. This makes her very sad, Radcliffe sees this and feels sorry for her so the next chance he gets he shoots Kocuum. Pocahontas is very happy to be free of her vow. She tries to explain to John Smith that she doesn't love him anymore and wants Radcliffe but he doesn't believe her. This makes Radcliffe very angry and he warns John to stay away from Pocahontas.John Smith doesn't listen. Radcliffe shoots John and solves the problem. Everyone is happy. When Pocahontas goes to see Radcliffe she finds him tied up in a boat, she runs to catch up with him but she is to late. However she knows they will always have a special bond.

Lol well those are the stories, they are kind of strange so use your imaganation! The Pocahontas one was really hard cos Radcliffe and pocahontas have like no scenes together. Anyway hope you enjoy this vid! the songs is never had a dream come true by S Club 7

This is purely fan made I don't own the movie or the music, I do not make a profit from this


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