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Uploaded on Jun 2, 2008

Resistance is futile. All beats will be assimilated.

[Warning: lyrics NSFW]

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Yo yo yo, this the Prime Directive. Rule number one: you can't break me.
Galaxy Class over here, 'cause I'm top of the line.

The U.S.S. Enterprise
Is getting P.U.S.S.Y. tonight
So shake that ass, 'cause fornication
Is the only way to make The Next Generation

Let me introduce you to my crew
The horny-ass men and women of the U.
On a continuing mission to spread them thighs
There's Geordi Laforge with his prying eyes
Getting X-ray shots of your naughty side
Down below he's growing twice the size
Because the ladies make his warp drive energize
And as for Q he'll make you cum
So loud you'll wake the whole continuum
But girl you know when he's done getting with you
He's going to bounce like Doctor Crusher in season two

I said Enter-P.R.I.S.E.
Let me tell you about my boy, his name's Wesley
Going to be in Starfleet Academy
But tonight he's getting crunk with yours truly
So we bust on down to the Forward Ten
Wes knows the bouncer and we get right in
We're knocking back shots of Cardassian gin
When up comes a fine-ass Romulan
When it comes to booty-shaking, girl's got a gift
'Cause she raised that ass like a turbolift
But yo, we ditched her face down in the mud
Because Wesley had his eyes on Ashley Judd

Me? I wound up on the holodeck
She's got a virtual booty that I'm ready to wreck
("Enter when ready")
Her program always does the trick
You know I leave the holodeck with a hollow dick
Yeah she sucks on my nuts till the whole thing's empty
Then I go cruising in a 64 Bently


Whorf used to be on the block selling rock
Now while you're in your stateroom jerking in a sock
He's got that Ferengi pussy on lock
Yeah he's balls deep and he's yelling "Q'apla!"

He used to have trouble picking up bitches
Till he learned they love them forehead ridges
Now whenever he wants to cream
He just pulls in pussy like a tractor beam

Yo but don't forget about Counselor Troy
That Betazoid will leave your dick destroyed
And don't you bother screaming or squealing
'Cause she knows exactly how you're feeling

Data's the android
Who'll fill your void
He's a mechanical man with a robot cock
Knock on your G-spot like he was Sherlock, Holmes

Ain't nothing like him in space or on Earth
Got a digital dick of alarming girth
He's the only man to please Tasha Yar's poon
My boy Data, son of Soong
Tasha died but he don't sweat lost tooshie
He just replaced her with another fine pussy

Who's going to rock a robotic cock?
Data's going to rock a robotic cock
I said who's going to rock that hydraulic cock?
Data's going to rock a hydraulic cock
'Cause he can time his nuts like a digital clock
"I am fully functional"
Now open wide shorty and hold real still
My phaser's 'bout to fire and it's set to kill


Captain Picard
Loves to get his dick hard
His bald head will make you sweat
'Cause he's a French motherfucker with a tasty baguette
And when he's not sipping tea at a Parisian café
He's busy banging booty every night and all day
But homie don't play, he don't want no snog
Girl you got a stardate with the captain's log

Now Picard's a man whose dick is large
But when he's not on the bridge then Riker's in charge
He's the playa of the minute and I'll tell you son
When it comes to busting pussy Riker's "number one"

And if you shake your rear quarters especially fine
He just might make you hit warp 69
But if Jean-Luc busts in don't you fear
He's only here to take you past the final frontier

Now that's a double team of the highest order
Bubble booty bouncing in the captain's quarters
They got a young Romulan dripping buckets
When she sees their junk she says "those aren't muskets!"
Riker pulls out and says he's ready to blow
Like a pimp Picard says "ma-ma-make it so"
Then J.L.P.'s out, he's got shit to do
Peeping the ruins on Calder II

And that's how it rolls under J.L.P.
The Crushers, Beverly and Wesley
Whorf and Riker and my man Geordi
Q, Data, Troy and yeah, Whoopi
And the Enterprise D
And for three films E
Welcome to the motherfucking T.N.G.


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