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Published on Jan 29, 2010

Hola guys. OMG I hav over 30!! Subscribers!! TY u guys! I get today off too. So I only went to school for 2 days. Well the weekends coming up!!! Yay for me AND u. well if I dnt post more today, its cuz 1. I might be passed out from meds. Or 2. I might hav my friend come over today. Ok so heres 28!

---back to the story---
Justin- Tiff!?!
Tiff- *slowly getting out of the chair and walking backwards* um, yeah hi
Justin- *stands up* I cnt believe u didnt tell me it was u!
Tiff- I-I im sorry. I just couldnt. im sor-
He hugged her.
Tiff POV: ah hell.
She hugged back.
Justin- u hav no idea how much I missed u! ever since u ran away at the hotel, ive been worried sick!
Tiff- well u didnt hav to be. My friends looked out for me.
Justin- oh.
Justin POV: so im not a friend hu?
Justin- u changed so much! I went to the school to see if u were there so I could talk to u but they said u transferred. They wouldnt tell me where.
Tiff- yeah, I did. And that was kind of the point, so u WOULDNT be able to find me.
Justin- wat? Why?
Tiff- well wen I got back, I was still crying. And with all the screaming girls coming after me cuz of the stupid magazine, I just had to go. Had to change everything. Again. *a tear fell down her cheek*
Justin- Tiff, plz dnt cry. *he squeezed her hand*
She instantly pulled her hand away.
Tiff- dnt.
Justin- w-wat?
Tiff- dnt touch my hand. Dnt, just dnt.
Justin- why? Why cnt I touch ur hand?
Tiff- cuz, thats wat made me remember everything my brain tried so hard to protect me from! That, is wat made me hav to leave. That, is wat reminded me of u whenever someone did it. That, is something I dnt want.
Justin- *speechless* Tiff. I
Trish- um, if u forgot, were on live TV.
They both turned to face the camera.
Tiff- like I care.
She walked past Justin and sat back down.
Justin- Tiff. Plz just listen to me!
Tiff- no.
Justin- well ur going to kind of hav to.
Tiff- yeah? Who says?
Justin- ur agent. Were going on tour remember?
Tiff- so? I dnt hav to go, and I dnt hav to talk to u if I do.
Justin- oh u will. Trust me, u will.
Tiff- wats that supposed to mean?
Justin- nothing. Nothing at all.
Tiff- whatever.

Trish had a lot of questions about wat happened, all they could say was it was personal. She didnt seem to like that very much. She had tons of questions they had to answer for the interview. Wen they finally finished, Tiff and her mom went out to the car. Tiff was running cuz Justin was still trying to talk to her.

Justin- Tiff! Just plz let me talk to u for a minute?!!
Tiff- *stopped running and turned around* why? Why do u want to talk so bad? Cnt u get it? I dnt want to talk to u!
Justin- oh yeah. Well I think u do, but ur too scared.
Tiff- ur such a jerk.
Justin- no, I am not.
Tiff- then why? Why dnt u answer the question?
Justin- wat question?
Tiff- dnt play stupid with me! Im the expert! *she stopped realizing wat she just said*
Justin- srry, but we just came back from an interview so I dnt know wat question ur talking about.
Tiff- such a waste. *she turned around and started walking towards the car.*
Justin- hey Tiff!
Tiff- yeah? Wat?
Justin- see u tomorrow. *smiling*
Tiff- yeah whatever.
She climbed into the car and shut the door.
Dona- I think that was the most interesting interview ive ever seen.
Tiff- well get used to it, as long as Justin is around, its gonna be real interesting.
Dona- im ur mother, and I dnt even know wat u were talking about back there.
Tiff- ur not supposed to.
Dona- well then.
Tiff- can u just start the car? I want to go home.
Dona- fine Ms. Diva.
Tiff- damn right.
her mom laughed and started the car.
Dona- um Ms. Diva, I dnt think we can leave. *looking behind her*
Tiff- *turning around* and why the hell no-
Dozens of screaming girls were surrounding their car.
Tiff- let me go handle it.
She got out the car and signed things, took pictures, and talked to them. Shortly after, they were all gone. She got back in the car.
Dona- u seemed to handle that very well.
Tiff- yeah, I kind of got practice early.
Dona- oh. Well lets go home now.
Tiff- thank u.
She started the car and drove off.

Ok that was 28 guys, ima go lay down now.. Im kinda tired (meds) well leave me feedback TY much guys!


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