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Uploaded on Jan 11, 2011


IT'S FINALLY DONE! lol It's been awhile since my last Inu vid cuz I've been working on this video for the past month. It was very difficult to put together due to business & video block, but I pulled it off.

This is a little tribute to my favorite Inu characters, Sesshomaru & InuYasha and his Demon side.
I thought of this storyline awhile back so hopefully I portrayed it well enough. It's long, I know, but I think it's very unique.

The storyline, is in InuYasha's POV and matching scenes with the lyrics. Keep in mind that Sesshomaru is InuYasha's father & InuTashio is his grandfather in the story.

Sesshomaru was known as the mightiest of all demons since his father's time. He was very much feared and respected, that is until he met Princess Izayoi. They fell in love in an instant, and in turn bore a child which they called InuYasha. Because the union of Demons and Humans were shunned upon in the feudal era, both Izayoi & InuYasha were cast out no matter where they went. Sesshomaru was angered by the ill treatment his wife & son were subjected to, but since they were never physically harmed, he kept himself at bay. But, that would all change. One night while Sesshomaru was away, a group of raider's tore through his palace. Killing Izayoi & causing young InuYasha to flee for his life only to be chased down by nearby demons. Smelling blood in the air, Sesshomaru rushed home, rescued InuYahsa, and slayed the raider's, but came to find that his beloved Izayoi was now amongst the dead. Filled with rage and hatred, he decided he was going to dedicate his life to seeking revenge. Revenge on humans & demons as a hole.

Over the years he trained InuYasha fiercely so that he may aide Sesshomaru in his blood-raid. He wanted to fill InuYasha with his own hatred, in hopes that it will awaken the bloodthirsty demon that layed dormant inside of him. But InuYasha did not want that. He loved his father with all his heart, so he did as he was commanded, but inside he did not share the hatred his father had for the world. He instead wanted to live a peaceful life, but he knew his father would not approve of it. With each life InuYasha took, he felt a great deal of guilt build within him. This was not the life he wanted.

Then one day he meets a human woman, Kagome, and it was love at first sight. He would sneak off whenever he could to spend time with her, and after awhile he could feel his heart blossom with happiness. Sesshomaru noticed a change in InuYasha, as well as an interesting scent, and followed him when he was sneaking off. When he discovered what was going on, he quickly took action. He caught Kagome & InuYasha off guard, and slayed her right in front of his son with his poison claws. InuYasha tried to save her, but Sesshomaru intercepted and bashed his face in. From where he layed, he could hear the heart of the woman he loved stop beating, and he knew his worst nightmares had come true. With that realization, InuYasha's heart filled with darkness, and the demon that lingered inside was unleashed.

Full of rage, InuYasha went on a killing spree, slaying all that stood in his path. Sesshomaru watched in the background with great joy, as the monster he had been waiting for stained the air with blood. As InuYasha is about to slay a group of innocent people, an image of Kagome flashes in his mind, and he stops. More memories of her return to him, and he finally starts to calm down. Once he sees the damage he has done, he looks to his father, only to see him rejoicing over the carnage. InuYasha realizes his father is beyond madness, and uses his new found power to fight him.

In the end, InuYasha is victorious, and takes the body of his beloved, so that he may bury her and live the life of peace in her honor.

Song: Numb
Artist: Linkin Park


please comment, rate, subscribe, request and enjoy. :)

*NOTE: I'm really tired of people asking "where you get your clips? what episodes did you use?" in my InuYasha videos. So here are the links to all the episodes for both series and the movies. Enjoy and please STOP ASKING ME!! Thank you.




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