• How to Start a Profitable YouTube Channel With $0 in the Bank | Make Money on YouTube!

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    You’re strapped for cash but want to start a YouTube channel? Believe it or not, you don’t need thousands of dollars to make it successful. You just need a desire and direction. Here’s exactly how to do it. Get started here: https://viewership.com/

    I was dead broke when I first started my first YouTube channel, and now it's responsible for generating more than seven figures for me.

    So you've always wanted to have a YouTube channel, but you've got bills to pay. Don't worry I've been there.

    And since then, now my other YouTube channel has over 37 million views, and over 250,000 subscribers and here's how you can do it with no money.

    #1: Use Your Phone to shoot video.

    Now back when I first started Sexy Confidence channel I had to spend, I think anywhere 1,000 to 2,000 dollars to get a camera as good as today's iPhone. And I'm telling you it's not about the quality of video as much as it is about the content.

    Now most people when they want to start a YouTube channel or want to start a business like this, they use the camera as this barrier to getting started.

    Does that sound like you?

    Now I believe that excuses are just lies that we tell ourselves so that failure doesn't have to be our fault.

    And don't allow the camera to be your excuse. So you're probably thinking, Adam you're not shooting on an iPhone camera. What the heck?

    My advice to you is, once you bring in enough money from your channel and your business, then, of course, spend money on a better camera. Why not.

    But until then don't be a perfectionist.

    Use your iPhone. It's so much more important to have great content than it is to have the perfect camera.

    And I know that can be scary. I mean the moment that you pick up your phone is the moment that you take that step forward and you make a video.

    And it's so scary; I've been there, the first time you make a video for a new channel.

    I was terrified the last time I made my previous channel. I'm still terrified with this new channel.

    And it's scary, but you have to believe in yourself. You have to believe that you have value to add to this world. And the best way to share it is with videos. So pick up that camera and let's make some magic happen.

    Pour your heart out.

    Share your emotional side.

    If they see that emotion finally coming from you, the video is so much more likely to go viral.

    #2: Keep the videos super simple
    Now everyone seems to think that creativity happens outside of the box.

    I personally disagree.

    I think that creativity happens within the box.

    Create a format that is easy for you to reproduce. For example, I'm in the studio. So this is inside the box.

    I can come up with any type of content that I can shoot within a studio.

    For you, maybe it's just with your iPhone. So all you can do is have your camera and maybe a setting, perhaps you go outside, shoot a video.

    Don't try to get too, too creative.

    Because if every video you create is a huge operation, and a vast editing challenge to get out the door, then I assure you, you're not going to do it consistently.

    You're going to end up giving up. So find your box, whatever it is, and find your format of your video, and do it consistently. And if the video is simple, especially how to videos just like this, editing is going to be super easy.

    You can use iMovie if you want.

    Or you can use some other better editing tools.

    Or you can go to Upwork.com and find an editor that can edit your videos.

    For example, I pay for my editing because quite frankly I'd rather spend my time doing something else. And I completely suck at editing.

    #3: Spend more time promoting the video than you spent shooting the video.

    This is all about the grind. This is how you become successful with YouTube or with anything in your life, is spend time creating the content, but spend way more time pushing it out there to the world. There's no point in making this perfectly magical, emotional video and then no one sees it. Show less
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