• February 17, 2016

    Hi friends, I made another animation!

    domino dynamics - Duration: 31 seconds.

    • 2 weeks ago
    This idea looked more interesting in my head but I like the Gameboy Advance quality of the animation.
    I also tried to animate it in 50fps instead of 30 which looks okay, you can probably guess my ...
  • October 2, 2016

    Hello YouTube, how are you doing?

    I just figured out how to post statuses again on my channel lol

  • February 27, 2016

    Hello everyone, I provided a voice in this Voice Drama, check it out!

    A Christmas Carol [Voice Drama] - Duration: 56 minutes.

    • 1 year ago

    A rich conductor in NYC hates Christmas...

    A miser named Eben Sound hates christmas and acts sharply to the members of his Orchestra.
    One Christmas Eve, his dead friend (who died as a ca...
  • And I still make animations :U

    Pete Mondrian - Duration: 39 seconds.

    • 1 year ago
    College assignment for Audiovisual After Effects class.
    The assignment was to make a Pete Mondrian style art with solid lines but also I added my own version to it because I wanted to show what els...
  • This is a short film that I made as final assignment for Audiovisual class.

    Found The ID Card (Short Film) - Duration: 97 seconds.

    • 1 year ago
    Final assignment for the profile Audiovisual design.
    A short film.

    Cast & Crew


    • CC
  • can't add*

  • May 30, 2015

    I haven't posted here since my graduation. lol

    I still use YouTube, I miss being able to comment though

    And YouTube officially removed the address book option so I add people as friends anymore.

    There's almost no more proof that I was friends with 11,238 YouTube channels lol :U

  • June 11, 2014

    I graduated!! I'm so happy!

  • I graduated!

  • (I doubt that the Google+ feature is going to be gone anytime soon though LOL, but hopefully it could be gone when YouTube will release some new updates/features/layouts hahahahahah!)

  • May 18, 2014

    What's up everyone? I'm still on YouTube but I'm busy with school.

    I don't have Google+ so I can't comment anymore unless the Google+ thing is one of those things YouTube adds for a while and removes it later like the Reactions feature, orange #LOL #WIN #FAIL comments or the RealTime bar from 2009.

  • 07 June 2013 - Finally a new icon after 3 years. Since the whole new layout changes and stuff happened, I decided to update my channel a little bit aswell.

  • Well, the recording days are over for me. Yay. I can't wait to see the episodes on television.

    Hahahah, probably all little kids who think characters of the TV show are actually like that IRL are gonna hate me.

  • LOL, remember that show? Well I got the extra role with text. Turns out I got to play a bully.

    All the actors on the show talk and act exactly the same in real life. And then I'm here, acting like something I never was before. This is probably gonna be funny.

  • The TV Show offered me a background actor role with text.



  • Well, I'm enjoying my vacation already, I got to be background Actor in a Dutch show called SpangaS. It's not a big role, not medium either. But it's a start.

  • Vacation!! :U

  • I remember when I used to be popular and get 100 subscribers a week. After YouTube deleted all closed channels as subscribers I lost in total -500 subscribers. RIP My small fame.

    January 2009 - July 2010

    I'll miss you. Oh well, I hope I can make a comeback, or a new start. I'll see. Thanks for reading, you're all Awesome if you're still subscribed to me after all those years. =)

  • I'm slowly getting the idea 100,000 subscribers can be earned fast now. Not that I care, I just noticed.

  • Wow, the username "zerodecoole" turns 5 years old today. The first site I joined under the name zerodecoole was habbo =_= http://www.habbo.nl/home/Zerodecoole

  • My Channel is visible again. My new channel is in the featured tab, I still make use of this one though.

  • 2,666 Subscribers. Very funny whoever did this xD

  • Noooo! I no longer can check my amount of friends, I mean contacts.

  • Happy New Year!!

  • My channel is visible again.

  • Merry Christmas!

  • Friendsbox=GONE.

    FML!!!!!! RIP To my 10797 friends :O

  • 80K Views! Thanks all!

  • I miss being boxed on alot of channels and getting 100 subs a week without sub4sub. Maybe the channel I was boxed on used sub4sub but I didn't.

  • Hey guys! My channel turns 4 today! =DDD

  • 10,000 Friends!!!! I finally did it!!


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