• Buttress - Miracle Gro (Official Music Video)

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    BUTTRESS STORE NOW OPEN - www.nihilistsuburbanwear.com

    I am standing in a room
    & the resonant frequencies of my voice are telling you what to do -
    listen to me, I'm cool
    I flow sicker than bitches painting with period blood at art school
    (Don't be mad that I fucked your dad)
    I said that line once a long time ago in a rap
    I pulled the video cause I thought it was trash
    but despite my efforts, Miracle Gro's still my most successful track
    So now I'm remixing it for kicks
    & I'm switching up the concept cause I'm a deepass existential bitch
    I'll keep the same title so I get the hits
    & I'll call this one ART IS DEAD, BUY MY SHIT

    Your dick need miracle gro, I'm a miracle hoe
    Art is Dead Buy My Shit

    Keep your theory out my practice, you wack bitch
    Duh I wanna be rich,
    but end of the day I'd rather be broke & a savage
    That's why I'm still eating scraps in The Attic
    & all these faggots wish they were me, even though my life's fucking tragic
    I cry harder than outsider artists
    I'm estranged
    Scene doesn't like me, think I'm retarded (cause I am)
    but that doesnt change the fact that I can rap
    better than any of these fucking bitches
    or any of these fucking men
    I'm not your friend
    I think you suck dick
    Yall a bunch of tryhard weirdos, thinking youre Harmony Korine
    Buttress absurd & dark
    you guys make flash photography, wannabe Larry Clarks
    Rap Game Rothko in this bitch
    got no interest in making Warhol pop art for the rich
    Cause i'm a deepass abstract expressionist
    Doesn't matter
    Art is dead
    Buy my shit

    Your dick need miracle gro I'm a miracle Hoe
    Art is Dead Buy my Shit Show less
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