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    "I don't want other people to decide who I am. I want to decide that for myself"
    "You never know how strong you are. Until being strong is the only choice you have."
    "Courage in a woman is often mistaken for insanity"

    no comment needed.

    lol. i changed my mind. of course i need to say something. i tried not to but it's me. so.
    i really believe that women should have a choice. i think all people should have a choice. doesn't matter if you are boy or girl. you should have a choice. it's your right to have one.
    as a women i should have a choice and i shouldn't be judge in both cases - if i want to be a mother or if i not. it's my choice. it's my choice - family or career, both or none of them. it should be my choice how i look. it should be my choice what i think. it should be my choice what i want.
    but i get angry when people say that if women want to have the same right as men and be treated the same - sure, go and do all the hard handwork. i think it's not about gender but about physical capabilities. it's about what we can do with our physical capabilities. you can say if you want to have the same right as men go and work on ships, in mines. sure, as a girl if you feel like you can do it - sure, it's your right. but people should stop treating 'feminism' as a weapon agains men. it's about the same rights. not being better.
    also i think men should have more rights. why people think mother is better parent than a father? they are equal. they should be equal by law. sometimes fathers are better parents. sometimes not. it's not about gender. it's about people. we are who we are.

    i hope one day when you, girl, will feel bad, when you lost faith you will watch this and feel better. it's all i want. Show less
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