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  • MCL - YoungLife - Stay Young (Music Video Single)

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    Edited and Produced By Christopher Productions ®
    *YoungLife* - http://www.datpiff.com/MCL-...
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    Diamond Style Productions :

    Being young has always felt So RIGHT
    i'm feeling Right
    it Feels so-
    I Wanna stay young until i DIE
    -Until i die
    Until I-
    When i write my life I Feel so real INSIDE
    I'm real INSIDE
    Im Real in-
    -I Wanna stay young until i DIE
    -Until i die
    Until I-

    Intrupt with a verse, after a solid chorus
    its the game plan that ill make you call in reforce-
    -Ments, cause this kid is hooked on what his living for

    burn the ceiling to the floor when I spit in written form

    Classy, but no uniform -- rarely like a unicorn
    will you see me keeping calm,Always rise and never fall
    Kick it like a soccer ball, It's a game after all
    and after y'all i'll indeed become the rapping star

    to capture tall, buildings that contain space for me to break
    the latch for y'all, cook a batch for y'all of the greatest taste
    spark a match and ball, out of the gates of natural
    Know I Made my fame through most of y'all if i recall

    Forget what you saw because y'all about to see
    a kid live for his dream and start to drowned in the stream
    of success, of the best that ever made it too the scene
    world wide through out the sky all around the blue and green

    Im young and i'm rapping, When I'm 60 what'll happen
    Will my passion still exist or just leave the crowd Laughing
    I'm just thinking / too hard for my mind to tell apart
    The difference in living and believing Im a star

    But so far, I've done good, and i'm doing well
    Im On my own path, Becoming MCL
    When will it end? When I freeze over hell
    With this ice cold flow (You Could) call it heavy hail

    maybe they'll, let me in once they know i'm better than
    Half the men, capturing, a spotlight i'm belonging In
    when i'm talking in, to a microphone to let' em know
    you walking in, to a show that'll blow the high notes

    Steamboats, Four, Three, Two, One, he goes
    score the whole team a goal, When I Pull freak flow
    I only wanna make hundred with six zero's
    A young Kid, to make a killing off being a lyrical hero

    Growing up is holding up my plan to obtain the game
    Saying, Save the loading up, and make yourself a name
    Take what fuels the brian and may the rest be left to flames
    But what i say, is what if age comes between my hall of fame

    and cleans a slate that i don't really wanna clean
    Where is he? i've bin chilling where I've always been, chasing green
    Tryin to be greater please, let me see me live my dream
    design these rhyme schemes and then later you know what it means

    for me, to have what i need when i bleed my inside out
    since i was six ive been finding out where they've bin hidden out
    Hide and seek throughout the house but i'm searching for the door
    That'll guide me out and help me out and make me even more

    Then i am today, to them i say put the petal to the floor
    on life never let up keep it at one eighty four
    miles of course full speed ahead drivin life's course
    grab yours, for any week could be the week you write your last chorus Show less
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