• Keep Your Hands Sharp -XX- Case Knives

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    Have you ever thought about all of the things you can do with your hands? You can throw a fastball, throw a curveball, cut a curve in maple with a jigsaw, call for help, build a birdhouse, build a human house, build a sandcastle, hold the door for a stranger, cook, make cookies, exaggerate about the fish you caught, fix a leaky sink, invent secret handshakes, give a high five, sew, crochet, play croquet, carry groceries, weld, grow tomatoes, grow tomatoes (however you say it), open a jar of pickles, clear brush, shoe a horse, throw horseshoes, fix an old car, pet your dog, teach an old dog new tricks, ask a question, write a letter, paint with your fingers, paint a masterpiece, paint a fence, talk with your hands, learn an instrument, play a guitar solo, sign, applaud something great, tie a balloon for your niece, tie your shoes, tie a bowline, tie a half-hitch, tie a fly, fillet a fish, skin a deer, pull a rabbit out of a hat, do a magic trick, pick flowers for your mom, rearrange the living room, hitchhike, hold a newborn, arm-wrestle your roommate, play ‘paper, rock, scissors,’ carve, whittle, learn to swim, swim the Atlantic, write like Hemingway, dig a hole, pull yourself up by your bootstraps, pull yourself up on a pullup bar, help your neighbor, outdo the neighbors with Christmas decorations, raise a barn, help your friend move, teach a man to fish, braid your hair, braid your beard, craft, make craft beer, watch birds, point out Polaris, signal for the runner to steal second, lend a helping hand, open a beer with your ring, open boxes, sketch, type 140 words per minute, make origami, count to ten, needlepoint, give someone a tattoo, jump your car, mime, pick an apple, do a handstand, make a pizza, change a tire, change a lightbulb, plant a garden, get a can off the top shelf for someone in the grocery store, carve a pumpkin, carve a turkey, wrap presents, cut firewood, build a fire, use chopsticks, wave hello, wave goodbye, give a hug, give directions to a pedestrian, build a bookcase, mark your page in a book, leave your mark on a new sidewalk, iron a shirt, fold your clothes so they won’t wrinkle, chop, mince, cut, slice, julienne, mix a drink, make a quilt, cross-stitch, knit, build a model car, build an actual car, learn calligraphy, work with leather, milk a cow, feed the fish, feed your family, rescue a kitten, and do pretty much anything else that needs doing. So if you’ve got ‘em, put ‘em to work. Pick up a handful of skills and find challenges you can sink your fingers into. And never, ever, let them go dull.

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