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  • JAFFNA - Philly's World Music Ensemble [Scrapple Live Music]

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    Tracing their origin back to The Middle-East Restaurant, in Philadelphia, this group has gone through many phases and several line-ups. They now remain at four key members and are focusing on creating music that is original and inspiring to audiences of all backgrounds.

    a JK Kellston joint for Scrapple.tv

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  • Uploads Play

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    Satirical News and Current Events hosted by AP Ticker; these are the headlines from around the world.
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  • Welcome to Anhedonia Play

    Jef Connectorkit lives in a kaleidoscopic world where puppets are probable and anything is possible. The son of a human mother and ruthless, monster tycoon father Jef doesn't feel at home anywhere, including his own house where Scram, Artie and Harry, his unhinged monster room mates are usually about to burn it to the ground. Jef's quiet inner struggles are often set aside to deal with his explosive outer struggles as he (sometimes literally) puts out fires in the wake of his friends' antics. Torn between winning his monster father's approval and forging his own human identity, Jef sometimes just settles for making it through the day alive.

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  • Live Music Play

    Live performances by Kurt Vile, Man Man, Schooly D and dozens more. Recorded on location at one of Philadelphia's legendary venues.
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  • Smut Cave Play

    The Spelunker delves into the fiery bowels of the internet; turning crap into gold. If it's gross, weird, or totally awesome, it's probably in the Smut Cave.
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  • Scrapple Interviews Play

    Intimate and revealing interviews with musicians, actors, scientists, artists, and activists.
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  • Scrapple Docs Play

    Scrapple TV's investigative journalists report from the field on lifestyle, culture, sports, and entertainment.
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  • Trippin' Balls w/ Brother JT Play

    Enter the psychedelic transdimensional playground of Brother JT as he interviews a variety of special guests about Trippin' Balls.
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  • Celebrity Hashtag w/ Brittany Lynn Play

    Brittany Lynn brings you all the latest celebrity gossip; because famous people are no better than the rest of us.
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  • Breakfast at Sulimay's Play

    Our trusted panel of elderly music critics spin the latest in alt-rock, hip-hop, and heavy metal.
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