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  • They Live (Trailer)

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    They Live is a 1988 American science fiction film directed by John Carpenter. It follows a travelling man in search of work who discovers the ruling class are in fact aliens managing human social affairs through the use of a signal on top of the TV broadcast, concealing their appearance and subliminal messages in mass media.

    The film stars Keith David, Meg Foster and professional wrestler Roddy Piper. (Wikipedia)

    My interpretation is a bit different. I allow for three layers of interpretation, along the line of THREE DIMENSIONS OF INFORMATION: One is the surface layer, which I call the "metric" dimension, and tends to gravitate around what is detectable by the bodily senses and practical for the body's welfare, and that interpretation would be valid even if "aliens" were merely a metaphor for the "dark side" of humanity, especially when such corruption pools its resources and creates technologically advanced secret societies. I argue that this is a valid interpretation in ANY event. Another is the one this movie shows in its own plot, and speaks for itself in the description above. The third is the Gnostic interpretation, which goes as far beyond the movie's own plot as that goes beyond the normal understanding of reality.

    The metric comprehension of reality allows for the understanding of its own transcendence with the the more transmundane interpretation as the movie depicts in the plot due to the mathematical abstraction of the meaning of the mundane interpretation and the transitive property applying it into a conveyance which may transpose contents which can be conceived, even if not directly sensed. This can be extended into a Gnostic interpretation only if one has Nous. That is the metaphysical level of dimensionality. I explained these layers of dimensionality in my much earlier work. There will be more on that later, and more analysis of this movie in a future video. For now, watch the trailer, watch the movie, analyse it, act according to you insights. Show less
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  • Gnostic Religion Play

    Religion means to reconnect to the Truth Within. It has one meaning for True Beings, and quite another for false beings of this evil false order of illusory "reality".
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  • Gnostic Art and Aesthetics Play

    This playlist contains videos, some of which I've uploaded, some of which I simply have favorited for now, which depict elements of Gnostic Truth in some mode and in some manner. Sometimes the content of True Gnosticism is described somehow, but sometimes it is simply the form of the expression that cannot help but reveal Gnostic Truths, which are of the Essence of Reality Itself, so no wonder it can be found in myriad forms with or without the intention to reveal it, and even, as is often the case, in spite of efforts to hide, disguise, distort, and destroy it!
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  • Gnostic Praxeology Play

    This area of Gnostic Philosophy investigates and explicates the real world systems of human society in which power is structured and circulated. This includes areas of study such as politics, economics, organized religion, history, sociology, law, education, entertainment and other fields. This includes areas which are in fact seemingly "natural" such as psycho-biology, neuroscience, genetics, physics and other "hard" sciences, technology and other topics.

    These areas of study involve an empirical examination of the actual works of people, both individuals and groups, to assert knowledge of the truth about some matters of existence, but which in fact always discover only a partial Truth at best, and invariably work as a form of elaborate trap for True Beings. These domains are the general areas of "cultivated ignorance" which a True Being must push through and overcome. These areas reveal something very important.
    The systematic evil of this universe is somewhat obvious to a True Being when he turns within, but it is somewhat unclear HOW evil it is, and how INTENTIONAL it is as a whole. This is because he is standing too close, in fact is immersed in this world of illusion. A study of these things in detail still does not see the big picture properly, so an abstract, philosophical foundation needs to be realized within the Being, not necessarily conceptually elaborate, but at least as a strong series of intuitive realizations.

    Once these realizations are reached, then the being can see the deeper layers of structure, of energetic control, of psychospiritual intention behind the fabric of humanity and its activities. He can see how it is not how it was made to appear to be, not merely in that some aspects of it were hidden from immediate view generally, but because the most important aspects which were hidden were hidden from HIS view, specifically to deceive HIM.

    The result of this is a TRUER understanding of what are called the "conspiracies" which go on in this world, one that useful fools like David Icke, Alex Jones, and Jesse Ventura do not perceive, to say nothing of most researchers on these topics. Most of the lemmings who ever see a glimpse of any of these superficial layers of "conspiracy" simply notice that and vent upon that, if they are personally affected, or else resign themselves to it, especially if it isn't directly affecting them. Their hypocrisy is crystal clear.

    So there is a continuum of consciousness from the completely Oblivious Lemming, up to the Concerned Lemming (because personally affected, not necessarily in a rational way), up to the Fringe Lemming who is a serious advocate of uncovering a lot of hidden agendas in this world, often with a personal ax to grind but not necessarily for a noble reasons. This last group can include some rather radical personages with a lot of talent and drive, but not necessarily any True Love of Truth.

    Beyond those veils pierced by that clump of consciousness, there are things realized ONLY by True Beings, and they must graduate beyond the classical interpretations of their world or else will spend a long time rolling around in the mud with the Fringe Lemmings, not knowing that this is still just another layer of Deception.

    So the foundations of this study are found in a firm reconnection with the Truth Self by way of Gnostic Lifestyle, which includes proper diet, habits, and meditation. It will also include growing amounts of study and learning so as to keep pace with the attempts of the world to assert deceptions upon him. This will depend upon the conditions of his mind as existing in his current body and under what conditions it has endured until awakening, as well as what that Beings "Call of Truth" requires of it in this incarnation.

    That foundation will enable a proper "reframing" of the topics studied under Praxeology which will reveal not only a much deeper layer of Truth within them, but also will create a feedback loop between the empirical and the intuitive which will cause a strengthening of the understanding in each area, as well as the personal awareness level of the Being, to both grow in an exponential way in a feedback loop.

    This is the highest level of Knowledge possible within this universe. It means to know the All, the Above and the Below, the Within and the Without, The Before and the After, the WHOLE TRUTH and all the lies used to detract and distract from it. Further it takes apart this world's false authority by going "toe to toe" with its supposed experts and revealing in direct terms how they are completely wrong in their worldviews EVEN ON THEIR OWN TERMS, and shows how only the Gnostic Truth is perfectly consistent with itself and with this world.
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  • Old Videos, and Miscellaneous Play

    These are in reverse order, from last to first. you may want to start earlier in the series and work your way to the one's shown up front.

    These Videos show, in a series of series, the evolution of my progress OUT of delusion INTO the Perfect Truth. It maps a struggle which only REALLY began when I was fully committed to the Truth which I had inwardly KNOWN all along, which is that THIS WORLD and ITS GOD are EVIL. This is the Truth that Sets Good Beings Free. After this was fully realized I then have since TRULY combated evil as never before, and now the REAL progress has since been made. I grant to the Mother and Father all Credit, as they have put the Truth IN me, and I grant that Truth all Authority for it has been with me all along and endured my foolishness with Patience and Love... Just as the Mother does. Yet it was reproving in good measure, just as is the Father who now comes to JUDGE. Dr. Joseph Chiappalone is a key figure in facilitating my awakening, and gradually increasing exposure to his ideas began early on while I was in Taiwan by reading his essays on rense.com (link on the main channel page, along with Dr. Chiappalone's). At first I was suspicious of his negativity and seeming pompous self-importance... delusions of my ego rejecting appearances. Yet in my deepest self I agreed with him, but while hating evil as such, I couldn't bring myself to believe this world was FUNDAMENTALLY evil, because I was deluded. Gradually, key experiences awakened me and fertilized my rejecting optimism about this world, and I realized that Evil is a worse, more pervasive, and more self-conscious and willful entity than I had thought, and not merely the errors committed by individuals in an exploratory universe...

    This realization began to seem more and more concretely true after individual experiences revealed it in microform, especially after some close encounters with demons both embodied and unembodied. I began to go deeper into the Gnostic teachings at that point, with Dr. Chiappalone just one of many points of research. I spent a couple of years on this and it wasn't until the latter 8 months or so of that time that I began reading everything on his website. As soon as I got back to the States and got on my financial feet and also could use a financial instrument capable of using ebay (I couldn't in China...) I then began buying his works in order as he suggests. My TRUE Awakening began in EARNEST after that point. I cannot recommend him or his writings, however, as he turns out to be a fraud and a hierophant wannabe. Just getting the gist of the things he says is sufficient, and that can be gotten anywhere from anyone who consistently uses the terms "Good and evil" in the sense of being completely incompatible. I do this better than anyone I know, using the idea of "antivalence" and transforming it into a metaphysical structure that permeates all branches of philosophic thought and ethical action.

    I don't give this sort of condemnation lightly, as I was the most skeptical and careful intellect I ever knew, carefully thinking spirals around any idea or phenomena until I could understand it multiple ways and from various paradigms, and even then would probably just shelve it and go on to the next thing. The greatest problem I ever encountered, overall, was the Problem of Evil, and I encountered this only after I fully constructed a philosophy of value which placed Axiology in the center of Metaphysics. This then caused me to further explore the world in an optimistic vein of seeking to grow as a spiritual being under the WAY overoptimistic aegis of basically a well-structured "New Age" perspective augmented by a willful value dualism but not quite a SUBSTANCE dualism concerning good versus evil. It turns out that this is not sufficient, and that only a most radical interpretation of the world as an UTTER WAR of Good against Evil IN GENERAL AND NOT ONLY PERSONAL TERMS could lead to True Awakening.

    I should state that I am not in any way sponsored by anyone, including Dr. Chiappalone, and have no other relationship with him than having read several of his books. I've also read all the writings of LaVey, but that doesn't mean I have been "heavily influenced" by him, or have gotten any or my ideas from him, or am a Satanist, or ever wanted to join his church etc etc. I've also read the Judeo-Christian Bible as well, several times over. So what? Let people with small minds think as they like, let wiser minds know better. As he always says we have to rely upon our own Inner Knowing and be Loyal to that and act accordingly. That is the way of Gnosis, not the way of would-be Popes who seek to ensconce themselves into a cult of personality.
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