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    Mega Man 2.5D is now a complete game! You can get it from our project website http://petersjostrand.com/

    For updates on the game, please follow us on Facebook or on Twitter.



    Game soundtrack (including trailer song):

    Trailer song (shorter version)

    Things to try if the game doesn't work (you can try and start the game after each step.)
    1. Try the installer free version.
    2. Install the XNA Framework (xnafx40_redist.msi) and .NET Framework (NDP462-KB3151802-Web.exe) located in the redist folder (only included in the installer free version).
    3. Try uninstalling .NET Framework (Control Panel - Programs and Features - Look for Microsoft .NET Framework and choose uninstall) and then try reinstalling it again.
    4. Delete the MM25DConfig.xml file located in the root of the game folder (don't worry, it will be recreated the next time you start the game).
    5. Edit the MM25DConfig.xml file in the root of the game folder and change the tag FullScreen from "false" to "true".
    6. Add an exception for MM25DGame.exe in your antivirus software or disable it completely (disabling completely is not recommended).

    Update 2017-02-04

    We've just made v1.0.1 of Mega Man 2.5D available for download. This release addresses the most severe game crashing issues that we're aware of at this time, and also fixes some other issues. For a complete list of the issues that have been resolved in this release, check out this page: http://petersjostrand.com/c...

    Please follow these steps to upgrade from v1.0 to v1.0.1 while keeping your achievements, game settings and save files:

    If you have the version of the game with installer:

    1. First, you need to locate your game folder. Do this by searching your computer for a file named MM25DGame.exe. Right click the file and choose "Open file location" and you should be in the correct folder.
    2. In this folder you should be able to find the MM25DConfig.xml file and a couple of files named saveS* (depending on if you have any savegames or not) please copy these and only these files to a backup folder of your choice.
    3. Go to Control Panel - Programs and Features and choose Mega Man 2.5D in the list and then click on uninstall. This needs to be done before you can install v1.0.1 of the game.
    4. Install v.1.0.1.
    5. Locate the game folder for v1.0.1 using the same method that you used in step 1. Copy the MM25DConfig.xml and all of the savefiles from your backup folder into the game folder.
    6. Start the game, if you are playing the correct version, you should see the version number v1.0.1 under the logo on the game titlescreen.
    7. Please check that you still have access to your savegames and achievements.

    If you have the version of the game without installer:

    1. Unpack v1.0.1 wherever you want.
    2. Go to the game directoy for the v1.0 release (NOT 1.0.1 that you just unpacked!)
    3. Copy MM25DConfig.xml and all files named saveS* and paste them in the v1.0.1 folder that you just got when unpacking v1.0.1. in step 1.
    3. Start v1.0.1 from the v1.0.1 folder, if you are playing the correct version you should see the version number v1.0.1 under the logo on the game titlescreen.
    4. Please check that you still have access to your savegames and achievements.

    Q: Are there any critical issues in the current available release (v1.0.1) of the game?

    A: Yes there are a few that we know of right now which we will be addressing in the next update (v.1.0.2) of the game:

    1. If you enter a teleporter in Wily 4, and then at the same time that you teleport you try to bring up the weapon menu on the side, then you'll trigger a bug and be unable to continue playing.

    2. In Star Man's co-op stage, if you enter his boss room with one player running on top of the other player's head. Star Man will never show up due to the boss trigger not reaching both players, so instead both players will keep running until they reach the right corner of the room, then just stand there, forcing you to quit the stage.

    3. The game may crash when you enter a teleporter in Wily 4. Right now we don't know the cause of this, other than that it seems to be pretty rare. But we've had several reports of it happening.

    4. In the challenge stage the game will crash if you slide into a wall of spikes in the water-section.

    We're also starting work on a new game in 2017 under the name ScrewBit Games. For more on that, follow ScrewBit Games on Facebook or on Twitter:


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