• Without a Face - Earthlings (live in-studio solo acoustic)

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    me and my friends, well, we all live on Mars; there's nobody ever around
    we just pretend that our neighbors will fly up on over and land on the ground
    father once told me when he was a young'n' that he had met two earthlings
    they were so wide-eyed, quite polite guests but they said some peculiar things

    "where's your leader? we come in peace, well I guess for now, we do at least.
    have you any diamonds? have you any silver? oh, where can it be?"

    dad had the feeling their smiles were forced - that they thought him to be dumb
    expendable like the riches they sought just because of where they came from
    he pitied them for they asked him to speak about all our military might
    "boys" he explained, "i've never been down your way but here up on Mars we don't fight".

    and they just stood there, scratching their helmets, the rock samples fell to the floor
    "you've never had a conflict? never been to battle? oh, what is a world without war?!"

    "ha ha! you humans are killing me!
    now you know it's not us visiting your skies
    tried to stay hidden from you, figured it was wise
    you look for some kind of sign in outer space
    all the while true love is staring you in the face
    you measure worth by the wealth that you've got
    but your value ain't achieved unless you gave a lot
    so many in your world with so little stay unknown
    maybe you humans deserve to be alone
    what is a world without war?! you got to be kidding me,
    you humans are killing me!"

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