• Solubility Rules Song -- Best Version

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    Simply the best version of the chemistry solubility rules song.


    Group 1 and ammonium salts,
    Wherever they may be
    Can always be depended on for solubility.

    Acetates and nitrates?
    The answer's always clear,
    They each and all are soluble,
    Is all we want to hear.

    Chlorides bromides iodides
    Are soluble weve read,
    Save silver, mercurous mercury,
    And (slightly) those with lead.

    Every single sulfate,
    Is soluble, 'tis said,
    'Cept barium, silver, calcium
    Mercury, strontium, lead.

    Carbonates are insoluble,
    Usually that is so,
    Or else our marble buildings
    Would melt away like snow.

    Phosphates or sulfides will not mix
    With water it is true
    But if combined with Group 1
    Or ammonium they do.

    Hydroxides plus metals won't dissolve,
    All but these you see.
    With Group 1 or ammonium
    They dissolve quite readily.

    When added to hydroxides
    You must not forget:
    Calcium, barium strontium
    Make them dissolve a bit.

    The strong electrolytes I sang
    Are soluble you see,
    Add strong acids and bases
    To this category.

    Weak electrolytes do not
    dissolve as we have seen,
    Covalents and weak acids,
    this is what I mean.

    Gases will never dissolve
    As you well may NO,
    These include HCN
    H2S, CO. Show less
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