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    Why build a OMN

    Shot and edited on samsung phone in a few hours - you can tell cant you :)

    The ending is a bit mashed and short as the sun set.

    Text of application

    A funding application am putting in to seed the #rebooting of the open web in alt/grassroots media.


    1) Tell us about the world as you see it.

    The world is running headlong into out of control climate chaos. Our fragile society with just in time distribution etc. does not bode well for a humane outcome. Our political class is morally bankrupt and incapable of dealing with these crises.
    As a person interested in technology and its impact on society, a hope of the early 21st century is/was the open internet, the transformation to peer to peer relationships. This has/is being enclosed by the #dotcons such as facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Uber etc. Their silo'ed data and invisible algorithms control what we know and do. The enclosed world reinforces the bad status quo. The open world, while being two-sided in outcome at least rebalances this.
    Over my life in the alt world I have seen real peer-to-peer groups that have sustained and renewed themselves for months, years, decades. We can and need to do better, using these examples.

    ----- Definitions -----
    Is a place for holding/hoarding closed data – this is used by the #dotcoms to extract monetize “free users”. When mainstream/alt silo projects finish, as 99.9% do, the data vanishes and is lost, and in this the effectiveness of any alt building is diminished. Silos do not use open licensing for content re-use. Just about every alt/grassroots media project is a silo. It's about capturing data.

    2) What change do you want to make in the world?

    I want to grow the commons. Saving the world is too big a mission, but planting and nurturing seeds is a start. I would like to play a role in seeding a diversity of functioning peer-to-peer alternatives, as both a practical beginning and an exemplar to inspire and inform a more positive, sustainable world.

    I have been working over the years to build and sustain alt/grassroots media in the UK and the wider world. alt/grassroots media used to play a larger role in the world. Now it is small and isolated and widely overrun by conspiracy theorists. I want to work in a world I know very well to #reboot it as a working networked #4opens exemplar.

    There is a widespread feeling that the #dotcons are bad for us as individuals, making us sad and isolated. It’s nearly mainstream that people want a way out. Here is a list of projects that should share content and dynamicly link to each other http://hamishcampbell.com/e...
    Alt/grassroots media are a small exemplar that did and can again have a large impact.

    ---------- Definition ----------

    Is an idea that you can be the big one. All the small #fashionista websites aspire to be the big one and by doing this they are working to the logic of the #dotcon and working against the logic of the open web. They are building projects to lock their users into their projects. Portals and silos are overlapping (but different) ideas for building web projects. In the mainstream, Apple is a prime example of this working. In the alt/grassroots almost all alt/grassroots media projects are portals. It's about capturing users.

    3) What do you believe has prevented this change to date?

    Fundamentally very few in alt/grassroots media have a clear understanding of the open web.

    Nothing I’m going to say is original, and little I’m proposing is original.

    Let’s look at the differences between OMN and http://crowdvoice.org

    “CrowdVoice.org is an open source service that tracks voices of protest by curating and contextualizing valuable data, such as eyewitness videos, photos, and reports as a means to facilitate awareness regarding current social justice movements worldwide.”

    It's an island that links to nobody and nobody in alt-media links to it. It's a working silo in that the data may be in an open format and licence, but you would have to be a complete geek to do anything with it. There might be hope for it as part of a wider network - add input RSS support and make the open data licences more prominent. It could be rebooted to be useful.

    Currently it has the sin of capturing users https://crowdvoice.by/kurdi.... Where is the direct link to their site and where is the list (RSS) feeds? There is a #dotcon pseudo network going on here.
    it should be taking in posts via feeds (RSS) to add to its data set from other open media orgs and pushing them out again with added location metadata. It should be a location hub in a wider network. Reboot it as a view onto the OMN data soup, then use it to add location metadata and it becomes a useful project.

    Maybe it's too simple for people to understand 😊. The word soup is a key stupid bit in KISS https://en.wikipedia.org/wi.... I' Show less
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