• Vihangam Yoga | Short Documentary

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    A journey starting from controlling our mind, going all the way to SELF REALIZATION AND GOD REALIZATION. With the Sadguru's blessings. विहंगम योग एक चेतन विज्ञान है। जिस प्रकार भौतिक विज्ञान के द्वारा भौतिक पदार्थ जाने जाते हैं उसी प्रकार अध्यात्म के इस चेतन विज्ञान के द्वारा चेतन आत्मा और चेतन परमात्मा का अनुभव होता है । वाह्य ज्ञान से आंतरिक अनुभव की यात्रा है विहंगम योग। स्वास्थ्य,सुख और शांति का संगम है विहंगम योग। सेवा,सत्संग और साधना की त्रिवेणी है विहंगम योग। आत्मा और परमात्मा का संयोग है विहंगम योग। विहंगम योग का ध्यान आंतरिक शांति का मार्ग प्रशस्त करता है। एक साधक जब एक आसन में बैठकर अपनी चेतना को गुरु उपदिष्ट भूमि पर केंद्रित करता है तो वह मानसिक व आत्मिक शांति का अनुभव करता है। मन पर नियंत्रण न होने से ही समाज में तमाम विसंगतियां फैली हैं।ध्यान में मानव मानवीय गुणों से मंडित होकर दिव्यगुण स्वाभाव वाला बन जाता है। Show less
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  • Swarved Kathamrit - various spiritual concepts unveiled Play all

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  • 7days Swarved Kathamrit:Sant Pravar Sri Vigyandeo Ji Maharaj Play all

    सुपूज्य संत प्रवर श्री विज्ञानदेव जी महाराज की दिव्यवाणी (स्वर्वेद कथामृत)
    The Divine Speech of Sant Pravar Shri Vigyan Deo Ji Maharaj, elaborating the spiritual couplets of the Holy Scripture Swarved,unveiling deepest spiritual secrets.
    Swarved is the prime spiritual treatise of Great Himalaya Yogi, His Holiness Sadguru Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj. In Swarved, Sadgurudeo wrote His spiritual experiences in the state of conscious Samadhi, the zenith of Yog - the state of oneness with God. The Scripture is written as simple, comprehensive, yet profound couplets - more than 4000 in number.
    Purport of this great treatise was written by the first Paramapara Sadguru Shri Dharmachandradeo Ji Maharaj.
    Sant Pravar Shri Vigyandeo Ji Maharaj is an all-realized Yogi who not only explains the deep meaning of these couplets but also relates it to our daily life through practical and applicable ways. The Swarved Kathamrit establishes deep rooted spiritual concepts in our lives, making the life meaningful, blissful and peaceful.
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  • Swarved Kathamrit - Mahakumbh, Allahabad Play all

    15-day Swarved Kathamrit (Divya Vani) at Maharshi Sadafaldeo Ashram, Jhunsi, Allahabad by Sant Pravar Shri Vigyan Deo Ji Maharaj. Date 14 Jun 2013 to 28 Jun 2013.
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  • Swarveda Dohas Play all

    Blessed are those souls, who have found the book Swarveda. Swarveda is not an ordinary book written by learned men or even a simple Rishi or a Muni. The book has been written by Sadguru Himself, whose powers and blessings have created all known knowledge of the world including Vedas and Upanishads. The author, His Holiness Maharshi Sadguru Sadafal Deo Ji Maharaj wrote 3137 verses in the state of Chetan Samadhi in the cradle of Himalayan caves. The treatise makes every effort to touch everyones life for it comprises every single topic that a man deals in order to lead a better life. It therefore makes a must read for both an atheist and a person seeking solution to its spiritual crisis.
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  • Sankat Mochan Play all

    During his lifetime Sadguru Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj has written many of his experiences and also the simplified concepts of Vihangam Yoga in very simple yet very powerful language for his disciples and other Jigyasus(One who seeks knowledge). Many of his works are compiled in the book form.
    Sankat Mochan is one such creation, a book contain several short verses of Vihangam Yoga spiritual sc; which later on Sadguru Acharya Dharmchandradeo by divine order of Sadafaldeo Ji Himself authored a simplified explanation of Sankat Mochan known as 'Sankat Mochan Bhasya' for the seekers/readers of Vihangam Yoga.
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