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    The Video above is a simple proof of wrong concepts We all have learned in our Electric Engineer Universities, or even in lower level technical Schools...if We are based on that "rigid", locked in time Model, adopted and considered "the one and only" for over One Hundred and Thirty Years by our Dogmatic Sciences, bought out/Financed, by Families which Institutions are based mainly, on Oil Investments Capitals...Cartels.

    Then, the Model above brakes all rules established by those twisted and closed systems concepts acquired for too long by now...

    Based on those old, dark, locked concepts, this Video then tends to become "unbelievable"...or merely be classified within the "Impossible to be"...A rated Category within the "Science Fiction" ...or could even be accused of being a Hoax, a Fraud...made under some special effect software, or some kind of tricks.

    But it is not any of the above...it is completely real.

    The Machine was modified, re-wounded and constructed based on a "Disregarded", by actual Science, Method of "Open, Asymmetrical Systems" conceived all the way back in the 1800's...and fully developed by Nikola Tesla.

    Therefore, it is impossible, based on a Closed System, that activates simultaneously, all the looped, closed coils within its rotor/armature, to believe those two tiny batteries could even move that 4.39 lbs Machine rotor/shaft, plus all magnetic drag generated between Rotor Core and Stators, adding all mechanical friction involved (Bearings,Brushes)...Then it will be much less conceivable to run it for over Twenty Five (25) Minutes at steady over 350 Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) without suffering any decay, just because it is an achievement, an operation, those two little batteries could never fulfill.

    Those Two -small capacity- AA Batteries are "Engineered"-according to our "Dogmatic Science chosen Model"- to run, a much, but much smaller little motor...and only for "around" Fifteen (15) Minutes Maximum.

    However, If I would be to engineer an Open System, where Only the actuating/interacting Coils that create motoring propulsion, would be turned on, one at a time, and just for a few nano seconds, and so on, a succession of other independent coils in a sequence, everyone at specific timings...each with low resistance values...then it would be possible within the same exact machine to obtain the results seen on this video.

    It is not Science Fiction, it is not a hoax...We all have been blinded following one single possibility for too many years, and from generation to generation.

    It is about time to become Divergent from those obsolete Models, and open our eyes and minds to develop this other hidden side of knowledge.

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