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    Whatever videos I make that touch directly on the question of God's existence, religion, etc.
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    A series exploring the relationship between reason, faith and political liberty. A work in progress.

    Series Bibliography
    "The Science Before Science" by Anthony Rizzi
    "Aristotle for Everybody" by Mortimer Adler
    "From Aristotle to Darwin and Back Again" Etienne Gilson
    "The Unity of Philosophical Experience" Etienne Gilson
    "Being Logical" D.Q. McInery
    "Aquinas" Edward Feser
    "The Last Superstition" Edward Feser
    "Philosophy of Mind" Edward Feser
    "Real Essentialism" David S. Oderberg
    The Works of Aristotle
    The Works of St. Thomas Aquinas
    "Darwinian Fairytales" David Stove
    "The Historical Reliability of the Gospels" Craig Blomberg
    "The Real Jesus" Luke Timothy Johnson
    "Christian Revelation and the Completion of the Aristotelian Revolution" by Patrick Madigan S.J.
    "Personalism" by Emmanuel Mounier
    "The Erotic Phenomena" Jean-Luc Marion
    "The Faith of the Early Fathers" (3 volumes)
    "The Problem of God"
    "The Abolition of Man" C.S. Lewis
    "Miracles" C.S. Lewis
    "Man, Economy and State" Murray Rothbard
    "Egalitarianism as a Revolt Against Nature" Murray Rothbard
    "The Law" Frederick Bastiat
    "Envy" Helmut Schoeck
    "Economics for Real People" Gene Calahan
    "The Church and the Market" Thomas Woods
    "How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization" Thomas Woods
    "Life of Christ" Fulton Sheen
    "To Know Christ Jesus" F.J. Sheed
    "Theology and Sanity" F.J. Sheed
    "This Tremendous Lover" Eugene Boylan
    "Orthodoxy" G.K. Chesteron
    "The Everlasting Man" G.K. Chesterton
    "Theology of the Body" Karol Wojtyla (Pope John Paul II)
    "Introduction to Christianity" Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Bendict XVI)
    "Truth and Tolerance" Ratzinger
    "Jesus of Nazareth" Ratzinger
    "Finding Darwin's God" Kenneth Miller
    "Evolution" Donald Prothero
    "Abusing Science" the Case Against Creationism" Phillip Kitcher

    Audio Lectures (by the Teaching Company)
    "Reason & Faith: Philosophy in the Middle Ages" Thomas Williams
    "Philosophy of the Mind" Patrick Grimm
    "Free Will & Determinism" Shaun Nichols
    "Masters of Greek Thought: Plato, Socrates and Aristotle" Robert Bartlett
    "Natural Law and Human Nature" Joseph Koterski S.J.
    (by the Modern Scholars company)
    "Discovering the Philosopher in You" Colin McGinn
    "Plato & Aristotle: The Genesis of Western Thought" Aryeh Kosman
    All By Thomas Madden-("The Decline and Fall of Rome" "God Wills It! A History of the Crusades" "Empire of Gold: The History of the Byzantine Empire" "Heaven of Heresy" "The Catholic Church in the Modern Age" "Christianity at the Crossroads: The Reformation" "From Jesus to Christianity" "One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic: A History of the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages" )

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