• HELLY - The Missing Half Never Existed

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    "One day, someone made you believe you would find the missing half which would complete you and bring you happiness. No one told you we were made to be a complete being, in itself, and the missing half NEVER EXISTED."

    Purchase this original track with and without drums and click track at: https://helly-drummer.bandc...

    HELLY's TRX cymbalset includes: 16" and 18" BRT Lightning Crashes 14" SFX Stacker 20" MDM Heavy Ride w/Brilliant finish 14" DRK-BRT Storm Hi-Hat 13" Blends Hi-Hats 6" ALT Splashes (x2) 14" ALT China 14" BRT China 11" MDM Splash on 12" MDM China w/Brilliant finish 6.5" BRT Custom Flat Bell

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  • TRX Cymbals Demo Series Play all

    In this playlist, you will find some of our top artists playing the TRX Cymbal lines– such as ALT, MDM and Blends– in demo and full performance videos.

    Learn more at: http://www.trxcymbals.com
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  • Artists Performance Videos Play all

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  • Cymbals - DRK Series Play all

    Ultra-thin and cast from our ageless and versatile B20-Plus bronze formula, the TRX DRK Series is known for its dark, earthy, old-skool sound. And, in addition to its balanced blend of depth and warmth, the line's classic tonal tendencies are further enhanced by a distinctive low-profile design and an unlathed, natural finish as well as an exclusive pre-aging process and extra-deep hand-hammering by our master cymbalsmiths.

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  • Cymbals - BRT Series Play all

    Extra heavy with a brilliantly polished, unlathed playing surface, the TRX BRT Series has a focused, high-frequency spectrum and an intense, powerful sound. However, even though it provides increased presence and projection in high-volume, high-energy drumming situations, due to the rich, multi-faceted tone of our B20-Plus alloy- and the skillful hands of our expert cymbalsmiths, the BRT Series is also extremely versatile and incredibly musical.

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  • Cymbals - MDM Series Play all

    Medium weight with traditional-style lathing, buffing and hammering, the TRX MDM Series is an all-purpose line developed to meet a diversity of contemporary musical needs. MDM cymbals provide exceptional sound and performance in a variety of general drumming applications bringing the superior quality, consistency and individuality of handcrafted Turkish cymbals to today's young but discriminating drummers.

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  • Cymbals - ALT Series Play all

    Incorporating thicker, heavier castings, a raw bell and a micro-lathed playing surface with multi-level hammering, the TRX ALT Series is a new standard of sound for a new generation of drummers. But ALT Series cymbals are not just stronger, brighter and more responsive than conventional midrange cymbals‹ they have been carefully designed and custom-crafted to offer drummers an all-around alternative for today's more aggressive modern and mainstream styles.

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  • Cymbals - NRG Series Play all

    TRX's "NRG" Series is a new class of premium-quality, handcrafted cymbals developed to meet the needs of today's demanding rock, punk, hardcore and metal drummers. Featuring extreme weights, tapers and profiles along with special lathing and hammering that enable them to better project their upper frequencies, NRG cymbals have an "energetic", extra-bright, extra-powerful sound.
    While most cast and hammered cymbals are known for their classic warmth and body, the NRG series offers a wide range of models that are significantly brighter and higher-pitched than traditional Turkish cymbals yet still musical and versatile.

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  • Cymbals - ICON Series Play all

    Meticulously handcrafted by master cymbalsmiths, TRX Icons combine the warmth and body of vintage cymbals with the brightness and projection required by modern drummers. The series offers a full spectrum of tonal choices within a single line and is recommended for a wide range of contemporary styles and situations. In fact, since they're a new standard of sound for a new generation of players, "Icon" is the perfect name for this exciting new class of TRX cymbals— as well as the drummers who play them. Icon Series models include:

    » Rides (Heavy): True Ride cymbals with clean articulation and clear bells.
    » Hi-Hats (Medium-Heavy): Fast stick | foot response as well as an optimum balance of crispness and sizzle.
    » Crashes (Thin, Medium | Heavy): Multiple weights offer a wide range of crash and crash-ride options.
    » Splashes (Thin): Short | punchy for quick accents and effects.
    » Chinas (Medium): Deep, dark, exotic tone and a rich frequency spread.
    » Stackers (Medium-Thin): Vented cymbals that can be used alone as crash effects or under/on top of other cymbals for a short, trashy sound.

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  • Cymbals - LTD Series Play all

    Available in 18″ through 23″ Crash-Ride models and matching 14″ and 15″ Hi-Hats, the LTD Series from the TRX Cymbal Co. has been designed to offer drummers several improvements over the sound and performance of previously available Crash-Rides and Hi-hats. The LTD Series employs three types of finishing processes to enhance the two types of sounds that are characteristic of the popular, dual-purpose cymbals.
    During the course of their ongoing research into cymbal performance, TRX master cymbalsmiths recognized that modifying the three main areas of a cymbal— the edge, bell and face— can greatly influence its acoustical output. By developing a unique combination of manufacturing methods that optimize each zone's sonic impact they were able to create the LTD series.

    The outer edge of LTD Crash-Ride cymbals features a heavily polished finish that adds more brightness and explosiveness to the crash component of the sound while the bell of the cymbal is has a natural finish to increase the definition and articulation of the ride sound. To maintain a balance between the LTD's clarity and power and its overall warmth and full-frequency tonal spectrum, the main playing surface has a more traditional lathed and hand-hammered finish. In the case of the hi-hats, this "three-zone" approach provides a cleaner, crisper stick and foot sound plus more volatile open and half-open effects.

    Slightly heavier than TRX MDM (Medium) Series to further enhance their projection and durability, TRX LTD line is recommended for a variety of contemporary playing situations. The cymbals are sold individually but are also available in an exclusive Crash-Ride Combo Pack, which includes an 18″ and 20″ Crash-Ride, 14″ Hi-Hats and a free TRX deluxe cymbal bag, while supplies last.

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  • Cymbals - THUNDER & LIGHTNING Series Play all

    The new TRX Thunder™ and Lightning™ crashes are vented cymbals with a specially designed hole pattern. Both versions of the effects cymbals are available in 16˝, 18˝ and 20˝ sizes with the Thunder Crash based on TRX's warm, dark DRK Series and the Lightning Crash based on the company's powerful, bright BRT Series. Used by top TRX artists including Jake Garland (Memphis May Fire), Gabe Barham (Sleeping With Sirens), Dave Myers, Jr. (Frank Ocean), LeShawn Thomas (Flo Rida), Chuz Estrada (Jesse & Joy) and Marco Castro (Gloria Trevi), Thunder and Lightning cymbals have a unique, somewhat trashy sound when used alone or stacked and are recommended for everything from traditional Jazz, Latin and R&B to Pop, Rock and Metal.

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