God is the Devil and the Sun is Hell
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    The 1% are all related, all doing the incest and all getting you to follow them into death. Michelle Obama is not a man. Michelle Obama is a Hermaphrodite, Transgender, Intersex, Hijra, Androgynous, etc. GOD was a hermaphrodite who split the sexes for the purpose of slavery with the male as the slave and the female as the overseer. Slavery does not work without religion. Religion does not work without death. The Key to Eternal Life in this World Is Simple: NO WORSHIP, NO SLAVES!
    The Book of Life, Transcribed by, The Archangel Michael is the only work which provides the exact steps necessary to avoid death, eternity inside the Sun, and live in this life always.
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    GOT IT? Understanding Bible Incest, Eternal Life & Reason for All Wars http://www.youtube.com/watc...

    INCEST & IMMORTALITY with The Archangel Michael

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    The interpretation of the Bible verses are proof that the Archangel Michael has arrived to reveal the truth from the same book that has been available for thousands of years. So ask yourself, why none of the Popes, nor their followers, have counted the number of the beast for you, nor revealed what the tree of the knowledge of good and of evil is, nor what the tree of life is, or its location. The poor little devils had to lie and make up a story about an apple, when there are no apples in the bible. Now folks, that is weak.
    All terms used in The Book of Life can be located in a good dictionary. There was never any magical hocus pocus involved with life.
    The image of a winged half human creature as an angel was put to rest with the story of Lot, a story that has been at your very finger tips for thousands of years.
    Until one truly called has arrived, it was always the blind trying to lead the blind. They all ended up in the grave. We only needed to make a sincere search for the truth, then accept the truth once it was located. Never had Nature instructed anyone to worship it or anything else.
    Nature does not worship anything, neither should its angels. Nature now provides what the human species is wanting.
    The information that AANGELMICHAEL offers is directed at any human being who loves life and wants to live forever.
    You will need that same desire to live forever in order to see the truth in any Holy book.
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    Family ties of the members of the worlds real organized crime syndicate.
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      Something I learned recently. Bush is related to Brad Pitt and the Rothchilds. Hillary is related to Angelina Jolie and the Rothchilds.
      Sarah Palin is related to Princess Diana

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    Truthtrekker's abbreviated playlist of Favorites 2012 & ON. Enjoy!
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    A hermaphrodite is a human being with both male and females sexes.
    Hermaphrodites are produced by incest or inbreeding.
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  • TWO & THREE SUNS IN THE SKY "Christ Sightings" Play all

    Sirius or "the Christ" has officially "come again" and in as close of an orbit with the Earth as we have ever seen.
    Do not be surprised.
    Almost 30 years ago back in 1984, NASA Astronomer Colin Henshaw wrote a piece entilted -On the Visibility of Sirius in Daylight- for the trade publication -Journal of the British Astronomical Association- in which he documented his sightings of Sirius with his naked eye during the daytime. That was 1984. See: Journal of the British Astronomical Association, vol.94, no.5, p.221-222 Bibliographic Code: 1984JBAA...94..221H.
    Now, roughly 30 years later, Sirius is much much closer and has become an extremely visible part of our sky. As both stars continue to move even closer, the light will intensify and the two suns will make it become so bright that it will be daylight all the time.
    This is what will be the end of time.
    How time is tracked is by the stars, with the light from Sirius (and its suns) combined with our own Sun, providing all sunlight all the time, there will be no night time, no visible stars and therefore no way to track time.
    Finally, since Sirius is known to occultists as -the Christ-, we can now safely say that -Christ has come again-...
    The religious should be thrilled...
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    Videos relating to god and the devil being one and the same..
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