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    Top 10 Futuristic Inventions
    The Institute for the Future, a research organization devoted to providing foresight about the world ahead, thinks that many of these Top 10 Futuristic Inventions will exist within the next 10 years.


    10. Longevity Escape Velocity Therapy
    Dr. Aubrey de Grey is a Cambridge gerontologist who is making waves in the field of Gerontology – the study of aging and he believes that the first person who could live to be 1,000 years old is already alive today. Longevity escape velocity is a concept based not on stopping the aging process, but on undoing the damage done by the wear and tear of life. The therapy works by stimulating the immune system to selectively target and kill “death-resistant cells” that have lost the ability to divide, so that healthy cells can then multiply and replenish the tissue. The therapy will ultimately add to an individual’s life expectancy faster than they are using it up.
    9. Gender Swapping Pills
    Gender identity has become an issue in today’s society, and as time goes on, it'll only get more complex as scientific developments continue over time. With Gender XY-Change, a pill that could instantly change your hormone levels so you can experience life as the opposite sex, people would develop greater empathy toward one another. The effects would last until the other pill is taken, but there is no current understanding of the consequences of mixing and stacking the XY Pills…
    8. Brain Implants
    By 2026, couples could have the option to get brain implants that allow them to read one another's minds. Rather than rely on self-reports about emotional states and well-being, they can just know. The company supplying this service will be called Amethyst. "One little device lets you truly be together, even when you're apart," the IFTF stated in a 2015 report. It will allow you to think and move as one, without words, or even thoughts. If you’re into that kind of thing…
    7. A New Currency To Boost Online Education
    Similar to Bitcoin, Edublocks might serve as a new virtual currency exclusive to online education. If you watch a three-minute guitar lesson or an hour-long physics lecture on, you'd receive a set quantity of Edublocks to match the time you invested. The lessons would be recorded on a database that other people can access to see what you've learned. These education skills can will used to buy more training, boosting education throughout the global online community.
    6. Augmented Reality
    Public speaking could get a whole lot easier with Winning Friends, an augmented-reality software that would give you real-time updates about your audience and tips to make your presentation the best it can be. Winning Friends will help you master persuasion whether you’re addressing a single individual or a packed stadium. With the app, you'd know exactly when to smile more or project your voice so that you appear confident and authoritative. These are the kind of tips many people need so they can conquer public speaking.

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    Top 10 Future Technology

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