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  • Dinosaurs: PROVEN YOUNG in 8 minutes (Dinosaur SECRET)

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    Dinosaurs: The Dirtiest Little Dinosaur Secret National Geographic will NEVER tell. Shhhhhhhh....... Its a Dinosaur secret about the Age of Dinosaurs.

    Dinosaurs: Carbon 14 is found in ALL un-fossilized Dinosaur bones. Most Dinosaur bones are un-fossilized. The norm is for dinosaur bones to be un-fossilized -- meaning they are not fossils -- so it is generally un fossil ized dinosaur bone coming out of those vast dinosaur graveyards where the dinosaurs are mixed in with trees, sea life, marine creatures, modern mammals........ And, up there in Hell Creek, where Jack pulled his T-Rex out...... lots and lots of sharks ----- those live in the water ----- what are they doing hanging out with T-Rex'? Oh -- Sorry, did they forget to mention all that in the headline articles?

    Jurassic / Dinosaurs --- Long and short of this, the dinosaurs are proven young, then we prove them young again....... Then we come at the dinosaurs from a different angle and prove them young some more...... Then, just because we had some extra time, we took our weakest evidence and proved the dinosaurs young more than that...... then, after that, just when you thought no other way could be left to more over-top prove there is no way dinosaurs are not young...... We go ahead and prove it again....... If you find any video where dinosaurs are more redundantly proven young..... over, and over, and over again...... then feel free to watch that dinosaur video as well. To be absolutely honest with you --- with modern science not stuck in the 1950s....... This was about the easiest documentary I have ever, ever, ever put together the evidence for...... The evidence of young dinosaurs is so terribly abundant, simple, easy, straight-forward and vast in Mount Everest sized piles, upon piles, upon piles....... upon mounting amounts of DINO DNA (which contrary to Mary Higby Schweitzer's new "save the evolution day theory" does not last millions of years, particularly not while sweating in hot, loose rocks even under the best Montana sunset) -- In fact, the hardest thing in putting this documentary together was deciding what young dinosaur evidence to use....... Its that vast --- and you'd be troubled to find an ancient culture that wasn't writing about them..... and some cultures really doing a great job of drawing them (even managing to draw dinosaurs on cave walls before Paleontologists discovered them). I have heard a mainstream "dinosaur expert" or two tell me at this point that maybe those ancient people were just really good guessers. If that's true, I' would like to find a couple of them today and take them down to Vegas....... In this video I just went with Epic & Fun stuff...... I think you're going to like the video....... Did I forget to mention dinosaurs are young?

    Jurassic: Dinosaurs are YOUNG. ALL of THEM. Proven. Coming in July 2015

    Documentary coming summer 2015.

    Trey Smith and Bob Enyart

    Jurassic / Dinosaurs: a documentary about the young age of the Epic Reptiles, the Ancient Dragons, the Dinosaurs, the Missionary Lizards.......

    Jurassic / Dinosaurs: Other Documentaries available at God in a Nutshell: http://godinanutshell.com/

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    Theory of Everything
    Noah (2 Disc Collector's Set)
    Nephilim (2 Disc Collector's Set) -- with 2 Bonus Nephilim Documentaries on the Bonus Disc.
    Nephilim (Original) by Trey Smith: https://youtu.be/1zz8_MxcnzY
    Noah by Trey Smith: https://youtu.be/lktmmd7YnD8
    Theory of Everything by Trey Smith: https://youtu.be/mtBz1roiQR8
    Enoch: https://youtu.be/BZGN6EKjvAo

    Also see:
    Jurassic -- Video trailer about Dinosaurs by Trey Smith / Bob Enyart https://youtu.be/tq9eEiM4nkc
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    Jurassic / Dinosaur: Music in the Jurassic / Dinosaurs documentary is from:

    Jurassic / Dinosaur --- Michael Donner: https://www.youtube.com/use...

    Jurassic / Dinosaur --- Jurassic Music composed by Mattia Cappelli -- https://www.youtube.com/use...

    Music in COMING Entities by Mattia Cupelli and Michael Donner

    Jurassic / Dinosaurs: Jack Horner -- the man in the video refusing to carbon date his particular sample of a T-Rex found in Hell Creek Montana --- Horner is also the man who got the evolutionism community to their current chant that dinosaurs turned into birds..... Jack Horner was the Jurassic Movie technical advisor.

    Jurassic / Dinosaurs: a documentary about the young age of the Epic Reptiles, the Ancient Dragons, the Dinosaurs, the Missionary Lizards.......

    Jurassic / Dinosaurs: Other Documentaries available at God in a Nutshell: http://godinanutshell.com/

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