• A Trinity Concept Analogy Of How Can 3 Be In 1, and 1 In All 3? [see notes]

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    I have a previous video with many notes in the comments, that I may edit and post here as notes also. Note that a tree (or egg) has the complete life -ability or power in it right from the start. That is, a tree, from the start or always had/has the ability to produce the fruit, the seed/root and hence the entire tree, otherwise, the tree life would not exist/grow because it would be lacking the fundamental "know how" or "life ability". Each part is essential to that 1 tree, and each part is essential to the other two parts.

    You do not need to know this Trinity concept analogy/explanation in order to have Salvation. It is some inspired knowledge that may help you explain/prove/verify it to others who doubt the Trinity. It is said that the Bible explains itself/self-explanatory and
    our explanations are not guaranteed as truth. God wants us to accept him through faith rather than half-proven understandings or duress/force/lack of true understanding.

    Our 1 God is said in the scriptures to be Father, Son, Spirit. These are eternal/deity. They
    have always been with/part of God. Each could be called a "person/ability" or "presence of God". For example Jesus is often called "God with us". The Spirit of God can be called "God in/through/upon us". Father God could be called "God above, leader for us".

    God is a "spirit being" in the spiritual realm, hence God is not in the physical realm/kingdom.
    Angels were created by God, they are also "spirit beings". God says Word because he is Word. God is his Word. John 1:1. [Perhaps Word can be thought of as the thought of God, which comes from the mind of God, so in a way, Father God is the mind of God, and Jesus/Son of God is the voice/Word of God].

    Also remember that God is said to be "omnipresent" or "everywhere at once" which is perhaps more difficult to know/explain/understand than the Trinity concept itself. It is said that God is a spirit or "spirit being".

    When someone says "Which came first, the chicken or the egg", say: "neither, since
    they must coexist to assist each other". Consider that in the egg is a growing/complete chicken to be, with more eggs (or "egg (life) ability, or all things chicken") in it. Show less
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  • In The Spirit - Gods Plan Of Jesus Play all

    Jesus is the only prophesied Messiah, accept no substitutes. His death and resurrection both made and proved he was the promised Holy Messiah. Adam and Eve, using freewill given to mankind, went against God in the Garden Of Eden by eating of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil after being tempted by Satan. God did not kill them for this but said we would be suffering due to that (sort of like eating a poison apple, but of a different kind). That is, it's in the human bloodline. How do we get it out of our bloodline? It started by God choosing Abraham and the Jewish line being purified by many trials of faith and to eventually produce Jesus Christ for the entire world. Well, the human race and principalities can't as a whole "blanket statement" purify you, but you must do it personally yourself, by admitting your are capable of sinning, and you are a sinner and want to renew, or be reborn, yourself. God is again giving us a free-will opportunity to accept the Messiah so that your sins are washed clean when you are before God. You still must stop sinning and repent. Putting Jesus in you is putting the refreshing and cleansing waters of God into you. Jesus is the "son of god" in the spiritual sense. Jesus is the "fruit" or "seed" of God, and as we know the fruit or seed is exactly like that from which it comes from and grows into the exact same tree of which it came from. Jesus is the gift and way God came to visit his creations (specifically for mankind due to the sin and danger we are in) and leave a small seed that can grow if you nurture it. Organized religions breeds organized prayers and your just part of the "collective or socialized prayer" and just part of the system rather than determining your own destiny and salvation. Jesus is not a system, but a teacher and personal relationship of you and God. Through Jesus, and what has been revealed, we can come to know see God with our mind. Again, you can only save yourself and no matter how hard you try to save others, it is up to them to make up their own difference and accept, for their sins are their own. Only you can be reborn, an organized religion is just full of endless dogmas and traditions, rules and punishments that make Gods creation over-burdened without actually correcting the real problem and that is the war against Satan. You can only win if you have the sword of Jesus in you that fights Satan. Jesus is the son of man when you accept him and his life withing you, and you will produce good fruits. The "yoke" or way of Jesus is light and enjoyable. You can do fine and have all the good intentions with any religion, however, they don't address the issue of being cleansed from the original sin in our bloodline, and your own sins, by accepting the gift or offer from God that is the promised Messiah (not just a promised prophet) and REDEEMER of the sins of the world. You also cannot do sins and expect them to be forgiven automatically by God, this is a misconception and would be hypocritical, it would be as if you are playing/tempting against God. Good works and intentions is fine and needed, however, it can't be used as a bribe or payment to cleanse your sins Praying ten times a day and chanting the same old prayers is like a broken record to God. Are you nothing more than an evolved worm that must be controlled like a circus animal, or are you a person with spiritual potential?

    God does not want sinners and the fruits of Satan in heaven. You must cleanse and renew yourself. Become reborn with the gift from God which is Jesus. When you are free from this earth you are free once again with God, and you can do it now.
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