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    So, my name's Max. I've done a lot of Military training before. I've never done anything even close to this kind of simulation to stress. I think that what you get out of this, is a… is that Sympathetic/Parasympathetic “fight or flight” you really have to… WORK to keep that tamped down.
    There are some things that are added to the training here that I've really never seen anywhere else… and… it's able to… safely bring on that, that… that emotional cocktail that… that… that… that, that drive to just survive. And… this is something I would… this is something I would definitely do again.
    This is something that is… better, more real world—I would say even worse than real-world—than any kind of training I've ever done before.

    So in your experience, relative to… any actual “hands-on” you've ever done but more importantly, relative to any other training you've ever done… has there ever been anything that got you…

    *shaking head* No.


    Nothing. No this is, this is… this is worse than getting shot at. This is worse than getting shot at. This is worse than shit blowing up next to you. When you're… there, there are… stimuli that they add here that… are… they induce a kind of panic that is… it's… It's absolutely different than when a bomb goes off or when rounds go over head. And… it's… it's… simulation of the worst fight you'll ever be in.

    OK…so… the quote has been said before that this is “the closest thing to combat besides actual combat”…

    I'd say this is worse.

    This is worse than combat?

    No, I mean, like no one's no one's going to die, you're not going to have to call… you know… Frank's old lady, or something. You know, there's that. But… but the amount of… panic, stress and fear than can be induced here is… it's worse than the panic, stress or fear that I've felt at war.

    You did an amazing job.


    You did 5Red turns. Kicked a whole bunch of ass…


    Did everything as safe as possible—we still have a zero-injury rate out here.


    So, well done on that.

    Thank you.

    Now, in addition to that… Is there any reason why someone SHOULDN'T do this? Aside from health issues, obviously.

    Yeah, I mean… I would say that that, like, if… I mean, can I say the word ‘bitch’?
    If you're a bitch, don't come.
    Like if you're a… if you're… if you're going to punk-out, like… there's… how do I say this…
    “Is there any reason anybody shouldn't come?”
    I don't think there's any reason anybody shouldn't come. But you should be prepared… You should be prepared that this is going to be worse than any fight you've ever been in.

    Thank you so much for your time, Max.


    Great job.


    Really appreciate it. Show less
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