• I Will Not Bow [Massive Game of Throne Crossover]

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    MONTHS to make, SECONDS to comment.

    WATCH IN HD PRETTY PLEASE and wear headphones! I don't know what's going on with my clips, they've never looked pixelated before and now they are :(

    HERE IT IS FINALLY! Been working on this since July 2011. HOLY CRAP. Usually I never finish projects that i leave unfinished for so long, but this one was too great to let die :)

    This is for Estaaaas since I told her that i would dedicate this for her Christmas gift but since Christmas is long over, i'm going to just give her a normal dedication :) Thank you for being amazing darling!

    So this is basically just a compilation of strange crossover manipulations I wanted to true, some of them have a story, a lot of the others do not.

    0:00- 0:17 S3 Marian/Robin as Robert/Lyanna
    0:17- 0:24 Arya explores the dungeons and sees Darken Rahl planning a plot against Ned
    0:24- 0:29 Cara is a member of the Watch with Jon
    0:29- 0:33 Dany is arranged to marry Arthur
    0:33- 0:41 Morgana was John Arryn's ward and Cersei tries to manipulate her to be on her side
    0:41- 0:51 Merlin tells Arya and Ned that they are in danger and need to leave King's Landing, but Ned gets caught anyways
    0:51-1:00 Ned's execution, everyone is sad (yes that's Robin there, let's pretend he was going to try and save Ned but is too late)
    1:02- 1:07 Denna is Little Finger's head whore
    1:07-1:20 Morgana goes to Winterfell and is discovered by Robb and his men. They accuse her of being one of Cersei's spies but she shows him her handcuff scars and they believe she is telling the truth
    1:20- 1:32 There are some mysterious dead men at the Wall, one of which comes back to life to try and kill Jon, Cara tell him she is glad he was not hurt.
    1:32-1:39 There is a mysterious red haired boy (Jack) watching Sansa
    1:39- 1:43 Dany and Arthur are married (Merlin is there now, as Arthur's servant. Don't question how this happened) and is given dragon eggs
    1:43- 1:47 Robb is suspicious of Morgana still and he tries to get the truth out of her but fails, and upsets her
    1:47- 1:50 Sansa sees Jack watching her but before she can speak to him, Joffrey takes her away
    1:50- 1:54 Tyrion is tried for his crimes by Confessor!Kahlan (who is John Arryn's widow and Catelyn's sister)
    1:54- 1:57 Denna tells Little finger she's leaving the whore house to be a Mord'Sith again
    1:57- 2:07 Morgana breaks into the Stark tombs and is caught by Rickon. She is brought before Robb and says she is trying to revenge John Arryn's death (or something)
    2:13- 2:29 Cara is a baneling like the other two dead men and kills a member of the watch. Jon sees this and chases her as she escapes from the Wall
    2:29- 2:34 Little Finger finds Denna again and convinces her to be a spy for him (or something)
    2:34- 2:37 Sansa confides in Jack about her misery
    2:37- 2:42 The dragon's hatch in the fire of Arthur's funeral pyre (oh yeah, his death is not shown btw) Merlin is shocked (he is also a dragonlord)
    2:42- end Morgana seduces Robb who is undeniably attracted to her, and she manages to escape.

    This is all very strange and not very linear. It's mostly for you to assume your own stories. What I had above was just my ideas in making the scenes. :)

    Song: I Will Not Bow- H320 Dubstep Remix

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