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  • Techno City: What is Detroit Techno?

    17,100 views 2 years ago
    First broadcast on TV, Third Ear is proud to present for the first time online, its unique documentary filmed on location in Detroit and featuring personal interviews and commentary from some of the seminal figures in the story of Techno.

    Including coverage of the inaugural Detroit Electronic Music Festival.

    "Detroit Techno. The definitive Techno music.
    Revered abroad. Ignored at home. Until now.

    In the year 2000, nearly fifteen years after
    the first pioneering recordings, the city of
    Detroit held its first electronic music festival.

    This film is a celebration of the Detroit sound.

    Welcome to Techno City."

    Carl Craig - Planet E Communications
    "A Wonderful Life" by Carl Craig
    Barrett Watten - Wayne State University, Detroit
    "Stardancer" by The Martian
    Derrick May - Transmat
    "Nude Photo" by Rhythim Is Rhythim
    "Live For Friction" by Shake
    "Reach" by Paperclip People (Carl Craig)
    Kenny Larkin - Art Of Dance
    "Java" by Kenny Larkin
    "Velocity" Funk by E Dancer
    "Blackout" by Lil Louis
    Carol Marvin - DEMF Organiser
    Stacey Pullen - Black Flag
    "On The DL" by Eddie Flashing Fowlkes
    Eddie Flashing Fowlkes - City Boy
    "Night Illusions" by Octave One
    Lawrence, Lorne & Lenny Burden - Octave One
    Kevin Saunderson - KMS
    "Groovin Without A Doubt" by Kevin Saunderson & Derrick May
    "Without" by Kenny Larkin

    Original Concept & music selection : Guy McCreery
    Directed by Ben Cohen.

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  • [3EEP-2016_05] Amir Alexander - Burrow/Darkness Eternal Play all

    [3EEP-2016_05] Amir Alexander - Burrow / Darkness Eternal

    A) Burrow!
    AA) Darkness Eternal

    Amir Alexander on Third Ear. Boom. Two cuts of dark brooding House music from one of Chicago’s masters of modern House music. Essential.

    Artist: Amir Alexander
    Title: Burrow! / Darkness Eternal
    Label: Third Ear Recordings
    Cat No: 3EEP-2016_05
    Distributed by: Clone for vinyl (worldwide); Finetunes for digital (worldwide)
    Mastered by POLE (aka Stefan Betke)
    Release date: 2016/11/14 all formats
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  • [3ELP-2016_06] Jason Hogans - The Age Of Scrap Play all

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  • [3EEP-2016_03] Ahu - On The Run Play all

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  • [3ELP-2016_04] Benjamin Brunn - Plastic Play all

    [3ELP-2016_04] Benjamin Brunn - Plastic

    A1) Plastic
    A2) I Am Not Ill

    B1) Young And Flashy
    B2) Dani

    C1) Developers Live
    C2) Raider Not Twixt

    D1) Springers
    D2) Freerotation

    The music of this album is a digestion of my mid-30s life, which was characterised by the consumption of too many plastic products and plastic caught in my body, whether it was in fish, sea water or tooth paste. Even the taste of certain highly condensed music in connection with vinyl plastics caused malaise in my fingers, heart and ears.The Plastic Album therefore contains contaminations from sources other than myself. However, I can assure you that the digestive process which the hazardous input went through was carried out with extreme care, aiming for sustainability and individuality."

    The Plastic Album is Benjamin Brunn's follow up to his highly regarded A Sun Life album on Third Ear. The Plastic Album is, like it's predecessor once again bursting with fat, glistening, gorgeous sounds. Brunn's sound is instantly recognizable; the Nord Modular synth and Roland 808 which feature on all his performances. Yet, he's sounding as fresh, as enigmatic and as soulful as ever.

    Artist: Benjamin Brunn
    Title: Plastic Album
    Label: Third Ear Recordings
    Cat No.: 3ELP-2016_04
    Mastered by Stefan Betke aka Pole at Scape Mastering, Berlin
    Formats: all digital and 2 x 12” vinyl
    Release date: 9 September 2016
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  • [3EEP-2016_02] GED - Dry River Play all

    [3EEP-2016_02] GED - Dry River

    A1) Permission
    A2) Disappear
    B1) Len (Vinyl Edit)
    B2) Garmonbozia
    ++) Len (Original Full Length Version)

    Out now on Third Ear, the debut release from GED.

    Proto-breaks infused electronica, electro and bass, collide in this sumptuous new EP.

    Buy #vinyl from

    Mastered and cut by Stefan Betke aka POLE @ Scape Mastering, Berlin.
    Artist: GED
    Title: Dry River EP
    Label: Third Ear Recordings
    Cat No,: 3EEP-2016_02
    Release date: Aug 2016
    Distribution: Clone (vinyl worldwide) Finetunes (digital worldwide)
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  • [3EEP-2016_01] Filippo Blasi Foglietti - The Copy Principle Play all

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  • [3EEP-2015_10] Gesetz Der Oktaven - Semen Contra EP Play all

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  • [3EEP-2015_08] Brendon Moeller - The Return Play all

    Brendon Moeller returns to Third Ear after some years, following up his lauded Jazz Junk Safari trilogy of eps with 4 peak time bombs. All 4 tracks blow up the dance floor. Brendon Moeller known for his sound design, has taken his sonics to extremes on all four tracks, pushing, twisting and teasing frequencies to the limit. The bass on all tracks is phenomenal. It's just as well that a master engineer like Pole has mastered these tracks, maxing out the sound yet protecting the sound systems that these bombs will be played on. Super fun.
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  • [3ELP-2015_09] WBeeza - Expression Of Love Play all

    Since its inception in 2002, Third Ear's output has remained ineffably reliable and multifaceted whilst carrying forth a distinct and tangible sense of soul. Now, 13 years on, Wbeeza makes a welcome return home and follows up a slew of lauded EPs on the label as well as his 2010 debut LP, 'Void' with only his second album, 'Expression Of Love'. And what an album it is. A long term favourite among both House traditionalists and experimentalists, Warren Brown entwines Jazz, Hip Hop, Detroit Techno, Soul and Disco with impressive ease, and with Expression Of Love the Peckham, South London-born and bred producer expands on his canon and presents 7 cuts that fans both old and new will relish. The opening track, 'Say Nuttin' kicks things off with a long-tailed kick pulsing beneath tight shuffles and syncopated ride shots. Rich and complex rhythms interweave and propel rich, swirling synth tones before 'Cosmic Jazz' goes deeper, setting a hypnotic vocal through stop-start kick patterns and creamy Detroit pads. 'It's A Sign' finds Wbeeza returning to the work of Gil Scott Heron once again. He takes two different samples and deftly works them into a heavy, claustrophobic groove, with a subtly processed sax loop circling asymmetrically throughout. 'Work' sits a cartoonish snippet from a recording of a gang member explaining his reaction to one of his homies being shot dead, over freely sequenced drum work and a steadily filtered bass line to mesmerizing effect. Experimental in its development - 'Expression Of Love' is the centre-piece of the album. The track goes through some startling changes and atmospheres. At 109 bpm, glowing Rhodes tones, tumbling bongos, creaking kick drums and shining synths sweep out over its 14 minute duration. A blue, languid groove steadily blooms into focus and is then dismantled. 'Turn The Lights Off' evokes a dark club with low ceiling and sweat dripping off the walls, through spectral tones and a voice that intones 'Turn The Lights Off, Turn The Music Up', propelled by one of Wbeeza's famous kick drums. 'Cakewalk' then brings things to a close with some playful MPC work. Truncated Soul samples are carried by no-nonsense rhythms before a switch up snaps in to catch the dance floor off guard. Added shuffles and trumpet snips build a buoyant and Jazzy vibe that brings another coup for Third Ear and another truly fine addition to Wbeeza's catalogue to a close.
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  • Third Ear - The Directors' Cuts Play all

    Third Ear Recordings presents "The Directors' Cuts"

    At Third Ear Recordings we continue to augment our musical offerings with exciting new video productions, as well as exclusive live performance recordings and even our own exclusive TV documentaries. We are always on the lookout for a fresh eye, an innovative take, a unique point of view, directors and producers who can translate the emotion of the music we release into a coherent visual narrative :)
    • Techno City: What is Detroit Techno? - Duration: 36 minutes.

      • 2 years ago
      First broadcast on TV, Third Ear is proud to present for the first time online, its unique documentary filmed on location in Detroit and featuring personal interviews and commentary from some of t...
    • [3ELP 2013 10] Patrik Skoog - In Jupiter's Eye (Video by TOFA) - Duration: 4 minutes, 25 seconds.

      • 3 years ago
      Exit Earth is Patrik Skoog's first solo album under his own name. He has released on Drumcode as Patrik Skoog, but it is as Agaric that he is best known. As Agaric he has released tracks on his We ...
    • El Prevost feat D Ham - Allez Ally [official video sampler] - Duration: 5 minutes, 56 seconds.

      • 3 years ago
      El Prevost drops his third, and possibly his strongest set for Third Ear. D. Ham freestyles brilliantly on Allez Ally, following previous collabs on Third Ear with El Prevost on My Soul Responding ...
    • WHY SHEEP? - Radiation #1 - Duration: 7 minutes, 16 seconds.

      • 2 years ago
      Video : LILLEVAN

      Video from the Fukushima Nuclear Facility taken from the film 'Real Times' by Chim Pom.
      © Chim Pom 2011
      Courtesy of MUJIN-TO Productions.

      A1) Radiation #1
      A2) Radiation #1 (Kare...
    • [3EEP-2014_05] Alex Burkat - 285 Kent EP [Official Trailer] - Duration: 5 minutes, 59 seconds.

      • 2 years ago
      Directed and produced by: Alex Burkat (
      After Effects Artist: Max Groff (

      Artist: Alex Burkat
      Title: 285 Kent EP
      Label: Third Ear Recordings
      Cat No: 3EEP-2014_0...
    • [3EEP-2014_09] El Prevost - Surreal For Real feat D Ham - Duration: 6 minutes, 40 seconds.

      • 2 years ago
      El Prevost featuring D Ham - Surreal For Real
      Available on Third Ear Recordings

      Video conceived, produced, edited & directed
      by Benson Quarentino [ @digitalguvnor ]
      Original D Ham footage shot b...
    • [3EEP-2014_06] B Riddim - Transformed Love - Duration: 5 minutes, 44 seconds.

      • 2 years ago
      Artist: B.Riddim
      Title: Magic My Ear EP
      Label: Third Ear Recordings
      Cat No: 3EEP-2014_06
      Release date: DL & Vinyl Jul 27th 2014.
      Distribution: Clone (Vinyl) & FineTunes (Digital) - [worldwide]...
    • Brownstudy - Red Dreaded Stepchild - Duration: 3 minutes, 58 seconds.

      • 3 years ago
      Official video for "Red Dreaded Stepchild" from Brownstudy..
      Preview for the forthcoming album release on Third Ear, "A Life Well Lived"..

      Video by JPH (
    • Wbeeza - If You Believe [official video sampler] - Duration: 2 minutes, 45 seconds.

      • 3 years ago
      Video Sampler by Carl Jiorjio

      Wbeeza's first release since 2012's Peckham Fly/Billy Green Is Ded single. If You Believe is a simple stone cold knockout hook over deliciously arranged elements. Wac...
    • WHY SHEEP? - Radiation #2 - Duration: 7 minutes, 16 seconds.

      • 2 years ago
      Video : LILLEVAN

      Video from the Fukushima Nuclear Facility taken from the film 'Real Times' by Chim Pom.
      © Chim Pom 2011
      Courtesy of MUJIN-TO Productions.

      A1) Radiation #1
      A2) Radiation #1 (Kar...
    • Brownstudy - Dying Every Moment - Duration: 2 minutes, 11 seconds.

      • 2 years ago
      [3ELP-2014_06] Brownstudy - Life Well Lived
      © Third Ear
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