• Halloween Fright

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    A humorous look at the wild and scary aspects of Halloween, by age group
    1st verse - fears of a 7 year old, 2nd verse - fears of a teenager, 3rd verse - fears of a parent of a 7 year old, 4th verse - by a grandparent

    Challenging myself to write a song with a spooky theme, I wrote and shot this in about an hour in an attempt to present a realistic portrayal of scary Halloween experiences at different stages of life in North America in the late 20th century.

    Lyrics are below.

    I sure had fun writing and recording this for you. Enjoy!

    Lyrics: Halloween Fright - Tim Prosser, 2013

    Dangerous strangers, razorblade apples
    wild teenage drivers, and ornery drunks
    bullies in the alley, wolf howlin' in the nighttime
    mean old man in the dark, wanna put me in his trunk

    abandoned house on a dead end road
    bag of candy that's a heavy load
    feeling like you swallered a squirmy toad
    big kids laughin hope my fear ain't showed
    blindin' fear comin' outta the night
    sure does sound like a halloween fright

    devil's night in the small town, makin' some trouble
    hidin' out behind the high school, flattened tires on a bus
    got the rotten tomatoes, 6 dozen jumbo eggs
    greaser's with their hot rods, they was lookin' for us

    flamin' bag of poo on the principals porch
    car got egged when we came to a stop
    runnin' away from explodin' mail box
    watchin' out for the town's one cop
    girlfriend's dad comin' outta the night
    sure does sound like a halloween fright

    (instrumental break?)

    let the kids go trick-or-treatin', by themselves for the first time
    overeatin' all the candy, that I couldn't hand out
    don't want the house gettin' T-P'ed, hope they don't egg us this year
    worryin' about strangers, and drunks drivin' about

    told the kids to be home on time
    stay away from the school yard
    stick together and behave 'emselves
    don't let the bullies catch 'em off guard
    watchin' the street by the dim street light
    sure does sound like a halloween fright

    now I'm a grand parent
    I let my kids worry 'bout that stuff
    I turn off the porch light
    and .. go .. to .. bed
    Right after I got up from recording this there was loud animal-screaming noise outside and I had to go out and break up a cat fight between Max the cat and some would-be assailant - I had to surgically remove Max from the front bushes and bring him in against his will. It was pitch dark out except for a bright 3/4 moon, too. How "Halloween-y" can you get? This is one weird and wacky holiday, but it's a lot of fun to dress up and play scary. Have fun and be safe! Show less
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