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    Corryville coming December 2017

    Art Girls

    She great with the pen
    But can she flow with her words
    can she Love on my curls
    While she cropping the earth
    Chopping dudes down
    And she be making them signs
    The type to look you in your eyes and
    Say baby you just not my type
    she likes that yellow color
    And all of her cigarettes
    She loves the 1975
    and takes her pictures with hella vignette
    Check my pronunciation
    I mean check my annunciation
    And You don’t need to question my dedication
    Cause Im cheddar with the Kraft no refrigeration

    and she just like them art waves
    she said we’ll have to part ways
    denying what her heart says
    she keeps fraying them guitar strings

    she’s an art girl
    im just another dude who wants to call her
    she calls herself a mess
    Always saying aesthetic
    oh she’s an art girl

    Verse 2:
    And she’s vegan
    talks to me about leaving
    said she hates living in the O. H
    Would rather live out where it’s freezing
    she’s tired
    she hates confining herself to a certain style
    but doesn’t ever really wanna go too wild
    She still gotta make her mama proud
    She got them crop jeans on
    She got them mom jeans on
    She got them top jeans on
    And she love when I play that song

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